Photo Album: Wet Basement Walls in Winston Salem, NC

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This home in Winston Salem had a leaky basement that was becoming more and more of a nuisance to the homeowner. The cinder block walls were constantly damp and puddles would form on the basement floor every time it rained hard. In order to keep this basement dry, even during the heaviest of rains, Tar Heel Basement Systems installed an interior perimeter BasementGutter basement drainage system, CrawlSeal Wall system and SafeDri triple sump system. This basement is now bright and dry, and this homeowner has a peace of mind.

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  • You Can't Store Items in a Wet Basement
  • A Dry Basement is a Great Place to StoreThings
  • Old Sump System Tied into Sewer Line
  • A Quality Sump Pump is Essential for Creating a Dry Basement
  • More Water Seepage Along Stairwell
  • CrawlSeal Wall System Keeps the Basement Stairs Dry
  • Obvious Basement Water Leakage in this Winston Salem, NC Basement
  • Bright Basement Walls and a Dry Space to Store Your Belongings