Photo Album: Crawl Space Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

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This crawl space in Chapel Hill, NC had plastic down but it was not in very good shape and sometimes the homeowner would notice a musty smell in the house. Also, during the humid, summer months the insulation would get extremely wet and sag from the floor joists.

Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the old plastic and sealed the crawl space from the earth using a 20 mil thick CrawlSeal vapor barrier. The installation crew then sealed 19 vents to keep the outside air from entering and installed a Tar Heel Dehumidifier to keep the relative humidity controlled in the crawl space.

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  • Crawl Space Door Issues
  • New and Improved Crawl Space Entrance
  • Water Heater in Crawl Space
  • Encapsulated Crawl Space with Water Heater
  • Clean Space Vapor Barrier Covers Crawl Space Walls
  • Chapel Hill Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidification in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Completed Crawl Space Encapsulation in Chapel Hill, NC