Photo Album: Crawl Space Repair in Summerfield, NC

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This home in Summerfield, NC had falling insulation due to moisture in the crawl space. A damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Mold thrives and reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions, and some molds are toxic. Tar Heel Basement Systems removed the damp insulation and encapsulated the crawl space, or sealed the home from the earth below. Foreman, Steve LaGray and his crew installed Tar Heel's 20 mil. thick CrawlSeal vapor barrier along the floor and walls, closed all crawl space vents and installed a Tar Heel crawl space dehumidifier to keep the area dry all year-round.

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  • Damp, Falling Insulation in Summerfield Crawl Space
  • Summerfield Crawl Space After CrawlSeal Encapsulation
  • Insufficient Crawl Space Liner
  • CrawlSeal is the Most Effective Crawl Space Liner in the Industry
  • Crawl Space Drainage and Dehumidification
  • A Wet Crawl Space Needs A Reliable Drainage System
  • Bright, Dry Crawl Space in Summerfield NC