Photo Album: Winston-Salem, NC Wet Crawlspace and Settling Piers

Album Description

This one story house had been experiencing excessive moisture and efflorescence inside their crawlspace as well as some foundation settling before Tar Heel Basement Systems paid them a visit. Foreman, Steven Lagray, and his crew solved the homeowner's problems by lining the crawlspace with a CrawlSeal vapor barrier, wrapping the piers, sealing off the vents, adding a Tar Heel dehumidifier and installing IntelliJacks to fill the gaps left by settling piers and stabilize the floors above.

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  • Pooling Water on Plastic
  • Efflorescence Covering Block Walls
  • Crawlspace Vent Left Open
  • Crawlspace Before CrawlSeal Installation
  • Crawlspace After CrawlSeal Installation
  • Crawlspace After CrawlSeal Installation
  • Evidence of a Sinking Pier in Winston Salem
  • Sealed Crawlspace and IntelliJack Installation