Photo Album: Greensboro, NC Leaky Basement Fixed with BasementGutter System

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This man's historic home in downtown Greensboro had a leaky basement all year round, seeping in from holes in the ground and the base of the walls. Adam Canter and his crew went in and installed a BasementGutter system and a SafeDri Triple Sump Pump with FreezeGuard. This will lead all incoming water out of the basement to an outdoor discharge line leaving the area completely dry, increasing the value of his home and keeping the entire structure safe and healthy.

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  • Clogged Drain Pipe in Greensboro
  • Leaking Hole in Basement Floor
  • Corner of Basement After Concrete is Drilled Out
  • BasementGutter French Drain System Half Finished
  • Cement Being Applied to Basement
  • BasementGutter French Drain System Finished
  • SafeDri Triple Sump Pump System Half Finished
  • SafeDri Triple Sump Pump Finished