Photo Album: Winston-Salem, NC Cracked Foundation and Settling Piers

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This one story home in suburban Winston-Salem had been experiencing foundation settling and subsequent cracking until Tar Heel Basement Systems came to the rescue. Over many years the soil on the right side of the house had slowly eroded enough for the brick walling to crack, resulting in instability and an entry point for unwanted moisture and organic material.

Josh Watson's crew spent two days installing IntelliJacks in the crawlspace, and digging below ground level to install Push Piers. The house's back right corner was then lifted to instantly and completely seal the crack in the brick.

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  • Cracking Brick Wall in Winston Salem
  • Window Separating from Brick Wall
  • Visible Sagging of Soil
  • Josh Watson and Crew Installing Push Piers
  • Push Pier Installed
  • Sealed Crack After Foundation Lifting
  • The Finished Project