Photo Album: Winston-Salem, NC - Bowing Basement Walls Stabilized with Basement Wall Anchors

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This home in suburban Winston-Salem had been experiencing basement wall bowing due to soil settling and changes in soil density. The naturally strong hydrostatic pressure at the base of the home paired with a constant cycle of extreme North Carolina weather had caused the top half of the cinder block wall to start tilting outward. The homeowner attempted to mediate this problem with wooden braces but it only worsened. In order to increase the property's value before listing it for sale, the homeowner gave Tar Heel Basement Systems a call to fix the problem once and for all. Josh Watson and his crew installed four Basement Wall Anchors to pull the wall back to its correct position and keep it there for years to come.

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  • Bowing Basement Wall with Make-Shift Support
  • Mini-Excavator Drilled Holes for the Wall Anchors
  • Will Reece Places Steel Wall Anchor Plate
  • Continuing to Place and Fasten Wall Anchors
  • Exterior Wall Anchor In Place
  • William Installing Wall Anchor Plate
  • Tightening the Anchors Stabilize the Basement Wall
  • Foundation Repairs  Likely to Help Home Sell