Photo Album: Reidsville, NC Crawl Space with Bad Odor and High Humidity

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The musty odor coming from this damp, neglected crawl space was enough to make a person sick. There was a thin, inefficient liner that partially covered the dirt floor. The exposed dirt allowed for moisture from the earth to make its way up into the crawl space. The hygrometer was reading high humidity levels in the crawl space which was evident by the sagging insulation. When warm, humid air enters through vents into a cool crawl space, the moisture from that air is released and condensation appears throughout the area. A wet environment with organic material is ideal for mold growth and wood rot.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to make a vast improvement to the crawl space by installing a CrawlSeal encapsulation system, complete with a Tar Heel dehumidifier. Once the system was installed, the crawl space was rid of the foul odor and the humidity was controlled to a safe level.

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