Photo Album: High Point, NC Homeowner with Mold Concerns in Crawl Space

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Tar Heel Basement Systems was called out to this High Point, NC home to assess the mold issues in the crawl space. Once our System Design Specialist, Andy Krause, made his way into the vented, dirt crawl space and was able to see exactly what the problems were. The foundation vents, porous cinder block walls and insufficient vapor barrier that partially covered the dirt floor were allowing humid air to get into the crawl space. That humid air released its moisture, creating a very wet environment in the crawl space. The insulation started falling and there were signs of mold growth on the floor joists. While the customer was initially only interested in having the mold cleaned, Andy explained to the homeowner that in order to keep the mold from ever coming back, the moisture and humidity issues would need to be addressed first.

Once the homeowners saw the value in sealing their crawl space, they hired Tar Heel Basement Systems to install their CrawlSeal encapsulation system. When the installation crew finished repairing the crawl space, the homeowners were ecstatic with the results and excited to have a healthy, dry crawl space inches below their feet.

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