Photo Album: High Point, NC - Home's Moldy Girders Replaced and Made Stable Again

Album Description

This one-story home in suburban High Point was experiencing severe mold and wood rot throughout the crawlspace, covering girders and any exposed wood. This was most likely caused by ears of high humidity in the vented, dirt crawlspace. The safety of the home had been compromised and the floors had begun to sag. Systems design specialist Kent Dunn, foreman Adam Blake and his team stepped in to replace this rotted wood and add extra support.

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  • Moldy, Rotted Girders in a Vented, Dirt Crawlspace
  • Adam Blake Observes and Directs from the Crawlspace Vent
  • Removed Rotted Wood
  • THBS Crew Memeber Cutting and Installing New Wood Girders
  • Old Wood and New Wood in Crawl Space