Photo Album: Greensboro, NC - Dirt Crawlspace and Basement Made Healthy and Dry

Album Description

This brick home located within the beautiful Grandover properties in Greensboro was in need of some major renovations before the homeowner moved in. Both the finished basement and crawlspace needed attention. A musty, mold smell permeated every room in the home due to water damage in the basement and the crawlspace was both humid and dangerously unprotected. Systems design specialist Will Blake recommended a complete BasementGutter and CrawlSeal system will solve all of these problems. After Foreman Adam Blake installed the system, the homeowner said he noticed the difference in smell and comfort almost instantly as the moisture was taken from the air. The home became more comfortable and much healthier, taking him one step closer to moving into his new, beautiful home.

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  • Dirt Crawlspace Before Encapsulation
  • Old Rusted Sump Pump
  • The Tar Heel Dehumidifier
  • After CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier is Installed
  • Mold in Finished Basement
  • Mold Behind Baseboard
  • Finding the Mold and Installing the BasementGutter
  • BasementGutter Installed Next to Fireplace
  • Completed BasementGutter Installation