Photo Album: Kernersville, NC - Suburban Home Stabilized with Helical Piers

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This homeowner in Kernersville, NC noticed some cracking in her brick and block walls. She knew Tar Heel Basement Systems had the right tools and skills to solve her problem and had systems design specialist Danny Harrell come out and give a free estimate. He suggested the use of two helical piers to lift the settling corner of the home back to the correct position and close up any cracks or gaps. Foreman Josh Watson and his crew smoothly installed the system and was able to lift the home, making it more stable and immune to any further settling.

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  • Suburban Home in Kernersville
  • Crack in Brick Wall
  • Ditch for Helical Pier Drilling and Installation
  • Josh Watson Using Mini-Excavator
  • Crew Member Guiding Drill
  • William Fitting the Pile Cap
  • William Securing Pile Cap on Drilled Helical Pier
  • Completed Helical Pier Installation