Photo Album: Oak Ridge, NC - Brick Home with Crawl Space Completely Sealed

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This beautiful brick home in Oak Ridge, North Carolina had an unhealthy, wet and humid crawlspace that needed our attention. The homeowner called us up after seeing us in a direct mailer and Roger Roten paid them a visit. A SmartDrain drainage system and CrawlSeal encapsulation system was recommended and installed by Steven LaGray in just two days. The crawlspace and piers were wrapped and sealed with CrawlSeal Light. The crawlspace vents were also sealed to keep out any moist, outdoor air. The SmartDrain system will also move any leaking or pooling water from the home. After our visit ended and our products were installed, the crawlspace was left encapsulated, dry, clean and healthy.

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  • Before Encapsulation
  • Dirt Floor and Exposed Block Piers
  • Wrapped Piers and Encapsulated Dirt Crawlspace
  • Finished CrawlSeal Light Installation