Photo Album: Asheboro, NC - Home's Muddy Crawlspace Drained and Encapsulated

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This homeowner was suffering from a muddy, leaky and unhealthy crawlspace. He decided to search the internet for someone to fix it and came upon Tar Heel Basement Systems. Systems design specialist Danny Harrell went out for a visit and recommended an entire crawlspace system complete with CrawlSeal vapor barrier, SafeDri triple sump pump and Tar Heel dehumidifier. Foreman Steve LaGray and his team completed this job in just one day. The home is now protected from any moisture infiltration and will become healthier and more comfortable for years to come.

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  • Beautiful Home on a Hill
  • Muddy Crawlspace
  • Store-Bought Plastic Covering Dirt
  • Exposed Block Walls and Store-Bought Plastic
  • Completed CrawlSeal Installation
  • Sealed Vent with SilverGlo
  • SafeDri Triple Sump Pump with FreezeGuard
  • Tar Heel Dehumidifier