Photo Album: Greensboro, NC - Dirty Crawlspace Successfully Sealed

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This beautiful home in suburban Greensboro had a crawlspace that was so humid and warm, vines and plants had begun to take shelter inside of it. This is a sure sign that the area needs to be looked and and sealed off from the outside environment. Bouncing and slanting floors also worried the homeowner. After seeing our advertisement in a direct mailer the homeowner decided to give us a call. System design specialist Will Blake recommended the use of a CrawlSeal vapor barrier system, nine IntelliJacks and a new crawl space door. Foreman Matt Johnson and his crew successfully completed this thorough project in 5 days. The homeowners were thrilled with the work and the crew's attention to detail.

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  • Grown Over Crawlspace Door
  • Open Vents and Unsealed Dirt Floor
  • Store Bought Plastic Covering
  • Mold Dusting and Dirt Floor
  • New Crawlspace Door
  • Extra Joist Support
  • Completed Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Clean Space and Smart Jack