Photo Album: High Point, NC - Nasty Crawlspace Made Beautiful with CrawlSeal

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This suburban home's crawlspace had gone unsealed and untouched for many years. Debris had accumulated and moisture levels were high enough to cause concern. The homeowners gave Tar Heel Basement Systems a call and Danny Harrell was on the case. He and the homeowners decided to go with a CrawlSeal crawlspace system complete with vapor barrier, Delta drainage matting and a Tar Heel crawlspace dehumidifer. These products joined together will result in a clean, dry and healthier crawlspace. Foreman Matt Johnson and his crew completed the work in just two days to the excitement of the homeowner. These solutions will improve the well being of the homeowners and the health of the home.

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  • Wrapped Piers and Finished Installation
  • Unwrapped Piers and Basic Plastic
  • Store-Bought Plastic and Debris
  • Open Vents and Fallen Insulation
  • CrawlSeal Continuing Up Walls
  • Easy Access and Securely Sealed
  • Brand New Crawlspace Door