Photo Album: Patrick Springs, VA - Dirty Crawlspace Cleaned Up and Sealed

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This homeowner in Patrick Springs, Virginia gave us a call when he noticed that his crawlspace was so humid that his floor joists had started to soften and bounce. Our systems design specialist Craig Sechrist thoroughly inspected the crawlspace and recommended a customized solution to her moisture issues. Foreman Jason Reynolds ended up installing a complete crawlspace encapsulation system complete with 20 mil CrawlSeal vapor barrier, dehumidifier, X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation, a brand new SafeDri triple sump pump, vent covers and a new crawlspace door. All of these products were installed with no hitches and have resulted in a very healthy crawlspace.

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  • Falling Insulation and Debris
  • Moldy and Rotten Floor Joists
  • Wet, Dirty Crawlspace
  • Unhealthy Crawlspace Environment
  • Debris and Dried Mud
  • CrawlSeal Installation Process
  • Completed Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Wrapped Piers
  • X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation, CrawlSeal and SafeDri Sump Drainage Line
  • Smart Sump Pump