Photo Album: Winston-Salem, NC - Moldy and Muddy Crawlspace Cleaned and Sealed

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This homeowner called us here at Tar Heel Basement Systems back in 2011 for a basement waterproofing system and loved our work so much that she invited us back to waterproof and encapsulate her crawlspace. Infiltrating water and high moisture levels had begun to cause pooling water, wood rot and molding throughout the area. The crawlspace floor had been covered in a store-bought plastic sheeting but had not prevented any problems. Bobby Luttrell recommended and installed a combination of solutions to keep this crawlspace dry and mold free including 20 mil CrawlSeal vapor barrier, X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels and a SafeDri sump pump. The entire installation took just one day and the customer was thrilled with the end result.

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  • Completed CrawlSeal and X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation
  • Water and Mud Stains
  • Muddy Corner and Staining
  • Evidence of Water Damage
  • Wrapped Piers
  • Working Around Obstacles