Photo Album: Rural Hall, NC - Old Home's Basement Taken From Moldy and Muddy to Dry and Healthy

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This beautiful old home built in the 1920's was in need of some major TLC after it was recently purchased by the current home owner. The basement would flood after heavy rain and puddles would last for days afterwards. Wood and other organic materials stored in the basement had become severely moldy due to years of excess moisture. Mud had also begun to accumulate so he knew it was time to give Tar Heel Basement Systems a call. Systems Design Specialist and Sales Manager, Garrett Atkinson, was on the case and recommended a comprehensive solution to fit the specific problem and the homeowner's budget.

The basement was fitted with a BasementGutter interior french drain system, a CrawlSeal wall protection system, SafeDri super sump pump and IntelliJack support beam. Orville Schoenfield and his amazing installation crew installed the system in just two days. Now, the home's basement is ready to drain any infiltrating water out of the home, keeping it dry and reducing mold.

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  • Large Puddle of Standing Water
  • Working Around Supports
  • Muddy Corner
  • Severe Water Staining
  • Very High Humidity
  • Mold Collecting on Wood Table
  • Moldy Stairs
  • Installation Crew Readies the Basement for Installation
  • Drilling Weep Holes with Owner Supervision
  • Installing CrawlSeal Light
  • Maze of BasementGutter Drain
  • Sump Hole is Dug Out
  • SafeDri Beginnings
  • Basement Sump Pump Installation
  • Completed SafeDri Sump Installation
  • New IntelliJack Support Beam
  • Pete Burgess Leading One of His Winning Teams
  • Historic Rural Hall Home