Photo Album: High Point, NC - Cracked Slab Sealed with PolyRenewal

Album Description

There are few options better for leveling cracked slab than PolyRenewal. This home in High Point, NC had one small crack extending from the garage straight through the kitchen of the home. Waiting to be purchased, this problem had to be fixed before it worsened. Up until recently, expensive and invasive solutions were the only ones available. The PolyRenewal process is quick, simple, non-invasive and affordable. The new owners will be thrilled with the results and will never have to worry about settling soil and cracking slab again.

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  • Slab After Leveling
  • Doors Out-of-Square
  • Injecting the PolyRenewal Polymer
  • Injecting the PolyRenewal Polymer
  • Slab Sinking Before