Photo Album: High Point, NC - Annual Crawl Space Check up

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The crawl space in this High Point, NC home was encapsulated by Tar Heel Basement Systems during the summer of 2014. The homeowner's decided to be proactive about the health of their home and crawl space by having for an annual service check with the Tar Heel Service Team.

During the annual inspection, all of the products that were installed in the crawl space were given a complete inspection to ensure the products were working properly for the home.

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  • 6mil. liner and Open Vents
  • Welcoming Area for Dampness
  • IntelliJack
  • Encapsulation Complete
  • Crawl Space Used As Storage Space
  • IntelliJack Service Check
  • Dehumidifier Filter Change
  • Fresh and Clean
  • Seam Inspection
  • Crawl Space Entry