Photo Album: North Wilkesboro, NC - Drenched Basement Now Bright and Dry

Album Description

The unfinished, open basement in North Wilkesboro, NC had severe water problems that needed to be desperately fixed. During heavy rains moisture would push through the cinder block walls and intrude under the door creating havoc on the space.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to take the worry away by installing a full perimeter waterproofing system and paneling that would keep the basement permanently dry.

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  • Open Space
  • Muddy Mess
  • No More Weeping Over A Flooded Basement
  • Drain Out the Water
  • Not Your Traditional Trench
  • Pump the Water Out
  • Brighten Up
  • Concealed Drain
  • Discrete but Not Ignored
  • Triple the Protection
  • Clean and Complete
  • High Performance Dehumidifier
  • Sleek and Dry Basement