Photo Album: Graham, NC - Sinking Garage Slab Now Raised

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The garage slab in this Graham, NC home had sunk eight (8) inches on the back side, while the front of the garage had sank two (2) inches. The homeowners wanted to have the problem corrected without replaced the entire slab floor.

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the failing soil under the sinking slab and raised the garage floor back to the appropriate height using the PolyRenewal System. Small, penny-sized holes were drilled along the slab floor for the light-weight, polyurethane foam to be injected under the slab to stabilize the loose soil and raise the garage floor.

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  • Uneven Slab Settlement
  • Trip Hazard Entry Way
  • Stabilized Garage Slab Floor
  • Leveled Entry Way