Photo Album: Dobson, NC Bowing Basement Walls Permanently Stabilized

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This home in Dobson, NC had two basement walls that were starting to crack and bow inward. The homeowner met with multiple companies and they all recommended Carbon Fiber Straps to arrest the bowing walls. Tar Heel Basement Systems was the only company with the ability to stabilize the basement wall with the potential to straighten it back overtime.

Our foundation crew installed (11) Basement Wall Anchors with C-Channel braces to give additional support to the bottom portion of the basement wall that had significant cracks as well. Our team will visit this home over the next few months to adjust the anchors and hopefully begin to straighten the basement walls.

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  • Stairstep Cracks on Foundation wall
  • Bowing Basement Wall
  • Foundation Earth Anchors Installed
  • Foundation Wall Permanently Stabilized
  • Bowing Basement Wall with Horizontal Foundation Crack
  • Benchmark Foundation Wall Movement