Photo Album: Winston Salem, NC - Sinking Sidewalk Raised at WBFJ Radio Station

Album Description

The sidewalk at the WBFJ radio station in Winston Salem, NC had begun sinking over the years, resulting in a large crack forming down the sidewalk. After Heavy rains, water would pool along the sinking area and seep down through the crack causing the basement to flood below.

The PolyRenewal Team at Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize and lift the sinking sidewalk in just one morning. The light weight, waterproof polyurethane foam called, PolyRenewal was injected under the slab, compressing the failed fill soil and allowing for an appropriate lift. The once open crack was then sealed using Nexus Pro silicone caulk. The WBFJ radio station was delighted to have their sidewalk stabilized and level in less than a day, with no disruption to the slab or parking lot.

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  • Cracked Sidewalk
  • Sinking Sidewalk
  • Out With the Old Grout
  • Pre-Installation Site Check
  • PolyRenewal Installation Step 1
  • PolyRenewal Installation Step 2
  • After Install Site Check and Cleanup
  • Newly Grouted and Sealed
  • Sealed Sidewalk Crack
  • Finishing Touches
  • Don't Replce it, Raise it