Photo Album: Mount Airy, NC- Drenched Basement Made Permanently Dry

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This Mount Airy, NC home had a basement environment created for the perfect leisure and recreation, the space was filled with entertaining games and a relaxed in home theatre for the family to enjoy. Unfortunately, the leisurely basement area would turn into a nightmare after heavy rains and snow. Water would intrude at the base of the cinder block walls and mold was beginning to ruin many of the items stored in the basement. The homeowners could no longer ignore the problem and called Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed the wet basement into a permanently dry and mold free space for many years to come using, the BasementGutter drainage system, SafeDri triple sump pump and the Tar Heel dehumidifier.

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  • Failed French Drain Results
  • Interior Trench Is Created
  • Serviceable Interior Drainage System
  • The Hidden but Effective BasementGutter
  • Inspection Ports For Service Maintenance
  • Sump pump Discharge
  • Triple the Protection Sump Pump