Pier Solutions for Home Foundation Problems

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 by Jessica McDaniel

Summer time is approaching, and that means warm weather, sunny days, and lots of heat. Even though summer is a favorite time for a lot of people, it can have some harmful affects for your foundation.

If your home suffers from foundation settlement, then the hotter weather will only do more damage. Hot weather dries the soil out around your foundation, which will lead to cracks and settlement of the foundation.

Your home will show some of these foundation settlement symptoms:piering

  • Wall cracks are a normal sign of foundation settlement you will see in your home. These cracks will resemble a stair shape design and they will run up inner and outer walls, and even the corners of your doors and windows.
  • Sinking floors is another sign of foundation settlement that you will notice in your home. Your walls and floors will begin to separate from one another as the settlement worsens.
  • Sticking doors and windows will happen as well when settlement occurs. It will be hard to open your doors or windows, giving it a “stuck” feeling, which will get worse as settlement continues.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers multiple home solutions to help stabilize and support your home from settlement.

    • Push piers are a Tar Heel support system that are designed to strengthen the integrity of your home. They are installed in the bedrock beneath your home. They are then attached to the footing of your home’s foundation to help target what part of the structure needs to be lifted.
    • Slab piers, designed for homes built on slabs of concrete, are a system installed past the bedrock and down deep into the earth. They are designed to support concrete your home is built on, and they help lift your home back to its original position and close any cracks.
  • Helical piers are another system installed in the bedrock under your foundation, designed to support your home’s integrity through a process called, “underpinning.” These piers are screwed down into the bedrock and attached to your home’s foundation walls for support.

If you are noticing signs of settlement foundation throughout your home, don’t waste time. Call Tar Heel Basement Systems at (888) 333-1322 or CLICK HERE to fill out a form to have a free foundation inspection completed on your home by one of our Certified Field Inspectors. Save your home for the summer!

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