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Friday, February 15th, 2019 by Jessica McDaniel

Cracked Walls? Learn How We Repair Them


Foundation Problem Signs: Stair Shaped Wall Cracks

You expect the walls of your home to keep it standing, but what you don’t know is that it is what is underneath your home that is important. Unfortunately, if your home begins to experience foundation problems, the structural integrity of your home will be in danger.

A couple of the tell-tale signs of foundation problems are wall cracks and bowing walls. These can be seen in your walls both interior and exterior, in stair shape form. There are two common reasons why these cracks form: 1) hydrostatic pressure and 2) soil expansion.

Hydrostatic pressure is caused by water build-up putting pressure against your foundation, which causes cracking. Soil expansion happens from the change in seasons, and the different levels of moisture. Together, these will increase pressure against foundation walls.

The good news is that Tar Heel Basement Systems has multiple solutions for wall repair.

  • The IntelliBrace Wall System will help stabilize your home’s foundation walls, plus continue to build the strength of the walls over time. A great feature of this solution is the structural steel the system is built with, and its durability which helps stabilize walls when there is little ability to stabilize them outside of the home.Wall Anchors
  • Wall Anchors help provide permanent stability for cracking and bowing walls. The idea behind the wall anchor system is that they provide solidity to the packed soil outside of the foundation of your home creating a point to brace the wall of your foundation. This will stop all movement against your foundation, and with time this system may help move your walls back to their original position.
  • The last wall repair solution Tar Heel will provide is the Carbon Fiber Wall Systems. Our system is made up of carbon fiber mixed with industrial epoxy and provides constant stability for bowing foundation walls.

It is important to trust the walls of your home, but the first step is to make sure the foundation of your home is protected. Call Tar Heel Basement Systems (888) 333-1322 or CLICK HERE to fill out the form to schedule a free foundation inspection today.

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