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Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Allergy Season Lasting All Year?

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Monday, March 16th, 2015
You may have mold in your crawl space if you suffer from allergies all year long.

Most of us in the spring wake up having sinus pressure, a stuffy nose, sneezing and possibly itchy, watery eyes. However, is this becoming more of a normal morning routine? Have you ever thought that your home could be the real culprit — Mold?

Even if you can’t see mold from the naked eye, it could still be present. Invisible mold – can be present in a home even when no visible growth signs are found, like in the typical dark wet areas (basement and crawl spaces). In fact, the mold is present long before it “grows” big enough to be seen. The invisible parts of the mold fungi are carried through the air like tiny dandelion seeds, landing on the surface of many potential food sources.

The truth about mold‘s presence is a little surprising. It is a naturally occurring bio-organism, present throughout every environment we occupy. The invisible mold is actually the microscopic seed of the mold; unless the right conditions arise, we will never see it in our homes.

When mold dries out it goes dormant. When it’s dormant, it stops producing spores and waits until the next period of high relative humidity or surface moisture to continue growing and producing spores again. When people have “reactions” to mold, they are not reacting to mold on the surfaces, but to elevated spore counts in the indoor air. It’s the same as people who are allergic to pollen in the spring; they aren’t reacting to the budding leaves of the trees but rather the airborne pollen that results from the trees budding.

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