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basement cove joints

Crawl Spaces and Basements Become Victim to Water Damage

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Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Learn About Causes, Signs, and Solutions

basement cove joints
Wet basement signs

Rainy season here, and if your home has any foundation settlement problems, the rainy weather will be more harm to your home. Any water damage to your basement or home’s crawl space is not only bad for those parts of your home but is dangerous to the remainder of your home as well.

When heavy rains occur, it causes pressure to push against your foundation which will add to the existing problems, making them worse.

  • Soil settlement plays a role as well by allowing water to run to your home’s foundation when soil begins to downgrade. This water will also cause pressure to push against your home’s foundation, resulting in cracked or bowing walls.
  • Footing drains that become clogged with dirt and debris will also increase problems of water damage to your basement or crawl space. Footing drains are designed to steer water away from your home, and when these drains clog, it steers the water towards your foundation.
  • Hydrostatic pressure is another reason why your home may have settlement leading to water damage. This is caused by large amounts of water that gather near your foundation, pushing against it, causing bowing or cracking walls. Once walls begin to crack or bow, it becomes easy for water to enter through the cracks.

There are signs you will notice in your basement or crawl space if your home is victim to water damage. You will see efflorescence on your walls, which is a chalky white substance caused when concrete meets water. You will see signs of condensation, such as water droplets or corroded rusty metals due to the high levels of humidity caused by water. You will also notice damp walls and leaky cove joints in your basement if your home has become victim to water damage.

Tar Heel Basement Systems does have a solution for your home’s basement and crawl spaces!

For homes with water damaged crawl spaces, the SafeDri Pro Sump Pump is designed to control and stop high water levels that are in your crawl space. The SafeDri Pro is designed with a cast iron and epoxy material to avoid corrosion.

For homes with water damaged basements, the SafeDri Pro X and Triple Sump Pumps will help keep your basement safe from water intrusion. Both of these sump pumps are designed with the same strong outer body as the SafeDri Pro, but one helpful feature is the battery alert system. This system will alert you when water levels become too high in your basement.

Your home is important. Don’t allow water to ruin your home. Call Tar Heel Basement Systems today at (888) 333-1322 or Click Here to fill out a form to have a free crawl space or basement inspection completed today! Be ready for spring rain!

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