Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Domestic Flood Protection

Domestic Water Flood Protection
Monday, August 31st, 2015
water heater

 Basements are a common place where water heaters and laundry appliances can be found. Throughout the life of a home, water heaters will need to be replaced multiple times. Water damage from a water heater can be extensive because water is being automatically refilled in the water heater and then leaking out continuously.

Washing machines offer a similar risk to basement flooding. Majority of homeowners don’t shut off the valve behind their washing machine each time they finish a load of laundry so there is constant pressure on the water hoses all of the time. One day it will bust, and most likely it will be at the absolute worst time. A washing machine hose can leak out 500 gallons of water in an hour, which will leave a big mess to clean up.

 Tar Heel Basement Systems offers solutions to help prevent these problems from taking over your basement. To learn more about Domestic Flood Protection, call our office today.

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