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working with basement waterproofing contractors

Find the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Winston-Salem, NC

Keep these things in mind to find the right company.

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Too often, wet basements are a thorn in the side for homeowners in Winston-Salem, NC. Coupled with the fact they can lower the quality of life, such basements make daily living a nightmare. The right thing to do is to hire a basement waterproofing contractor.

Finding a qualified basement contractor can be the difference between getting a lasting fix and incurring significant financial losses due to shoddy work. A bit of due diligence can help you avoid the disappointment that comes with hiring bad apples. Here are six important things to consider.


The first thing to consider when hiring a contractor is their past projects. No one can give a better insight into a contractor’s performance than a previous client. A good basement waterproofing company should have a happy roster of clients. These are people who can vouch for their services without second thoughts.

Check online reviews from previous clients. The goal is to get an unbiased opinion of the contractor’s previous works, and the quality of their services. This information will give you some insight on what to expect regarding work quality, costs, and project timelines.

Skills and Expertise

Since the basement is an integral part of the home, you want to make sure you hire someone with the right skills and expertise. Different basement issues require different materials, equipment, and techniques to resolve them. Depending on the problem with your basement and the severity of the matter, find a contractor who understands the issues you’re facing and the best fixes. Some things to consider include the type and amount of equipment the contractor has. If, for instance, you need some external drainage, the contractor should have a range of equipment to get the job done. Other than convenience, this will help cut the cost of renting equipment.


When hiring a basement contractor, be sure to check whether they are insured and if it is up to date. The last thing you want is to get into problems with the local authorities for any injury or loss due to ongoing repairs. You also do not want to pay for a contractor’s mistakes if something goes wrong. To protect yourself from such incidences, let the contractor provide proof of insurance. Call the insurer to confirm that the contractor is indeed covered.


Another thing you should consider is whether the contractor is licensed or not. It’s a good idea to work with a certified basement waterproofing contractor in your city. A license indicates that the contractor operates a valid business and that they have undergone formal training in the field. Overall, a licensed contractor is qualified to safely handle all repairs and waterproofing projects, which translates to fewer hiccups and a satisfying outcome.

Written Agreement

We can’t emphasize this enough. Get everything in writing — the price, timelines, services, and materials. Make sure both parties sign your copy of the contract. This way, you will avoid tussles or disagreements. Since the contract is binding, the contractor will have to honor everything they say.


Good basement waterproofing contractors offer warranties that guarantee the quality of their work. A warranty is a guarantee that the contractor offers quality services. It promises that if a problem occurs within a specified period, you’re entitled to a replacement or a free repair.

What’s in a Basement Waterproofing Quote?

Lastly, it is important that you understand the quote you will get. A basement waterproofing quote pinpoints the cause of your moisture problem or wall cracks. The contractor should outline the series of steps they will take to fix the issues.

Also, the quote should give a price estimate for the entire job, including a breakdown of the materials and equipment they might use like dehumidifiers and sump pumps. Your quote should also indicate the duration of the whole project including a breakdown of activities.

When looking for basement waterproofing contractors in Winston-Salem, NC, you should consider their quotes, quality of materials and workmanship, reputation, and the cost of the entire project. Timelines are also important. So, they should work fast and do it right the first time.

Whether you have a basement leak, high humidity, or backup problems, it’s worth consulting with a professional basement contractor like Tar Heel Basement Systems. We have been helping homeowners keep water out of their basements for many years. Get in touch with us for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote and get a lasting fix for your perennial moisture issues.

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