Freezing Discharge Lines in North Carolina and Virginia

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
FreezeGuard Freezing Discharge Lines

Your sump pump gets the water out of your basement or crawl space and away from your house with a pipe- usually plastic and usually about 1.5″ in diameter. The pipe runs on the surface of the ground, or in a shallow buried trench, and discharges the water onto the surface away from the house.

The problem is that, in winter, the outlet of the pipe becomes blocked with snow and ice. When the pump runs, it fills the pipe with water. Since the water can not get out of the pipe due to the ice at the outlet, the whole pipe fills with water and freezes. Now your pump runs, but cannot get the water out, and your basement or crawl space floods!

Tar Heel Basement Systems has the solution- the FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line System. This is a specially engineered fitting that goes outside your home and automatically ejects the water away from the exterior wall in the event that the pipe freezes. It is designed with holes in it to allow this to happen, yet no water at all gets out of these openings when the pipe is not frozen.

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