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Basement Gutter Below Floor Drain

An Insider’s Strategy to Basement Waterproofing

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Traditional applications of basement waterproofing would likely be an exterior drainage system or french drain. Unfortunately, there is no way of servicing the exterior drainage system to know when it will stop working. Leaving your basement wet, just what you were trying to avoid! So, if digging it up outside is not the answer, what is? Digging it up on the inside! Jackhammering to be more specific. By installing a drainage system around the inside of your basement along the wall, you can capture water at the most common point of entry– the wall/floor joint. You can also capture water from the walls and prevent the center of the floor from leaking by intercepting the water at the perimeter of the floor before it gets to the center. 

Basement Gutter Below Floor Drain

Advantages of an interior drainage system include:

1. Accessibility to do the job

2. More affordable than an outside system

3. Installs in a day or two

4. Easily serviceable year round

5. It works

BasementGutter is specifically-designed piping system engineered specifically to be a very efficient, long-lasting interior perimeter basement waterproofing system. The big difference is that the BasementGutter sits on top of the footing, instead of alongside the footing. This is important because the wet dirt (commonly referred to as mud) can’t get into the drain because the drain does not sit in the mud.

Requirements of a good interior drainage system:

1. Designed not to clog–sits on top of the footing

2. Has a built in 3/8-inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks

3. Does not rely on filter fabrics

4. Has a big drain outlet to the sump

5. Will not cause structural damage to home’s foundation

The patented BasementGutter Drainage System meets all these requirements to keep your basement permanently dry. Large inlet holes in the back of the system accept intruding water while the wall flange creates a neat space between the floor and the wall to drain any wall seepage without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter. Water is then drained unseen into your basement’s sump pump.

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