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Is your basement or crawl space ready for hurricane season?
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Your basement is in an imperfect structure built into or below the ground. When flash floods and hurricanes hit our state and region, the soils have a hard time absorbing so much water, allowing the water to flow beside your home’s foundation and eventually making its way into your basement. Is your basement or crawl space ready for hurricane season?

Your home is one of your biggest investments both financially and emotionally, that is why you deserve peace of mind that your basement will be able to weather the storm and stay dry.

There are a few steps a homeowner should take to ensure their basement will remain dry:


By keeping your gutters and downspouts cleaned regularly, this will help eliminate some of the rain falling near your foundation. However, this option alone won’t eliminate water intrusion into your basement.

Drainage System

Not just any drainage system around your home will work. While your home is required to have an exterior french drain along the perimeter, there is no way of servicing that drain or knowing when it will fail, making it a guessing game for you. Your basement needs a reliable drainage system that can be serviced at any time by the company who installed it or the homeowners. The system should also be resistant to clogging.

Sump Pump

Now that all groundwater has been channeled, the water will need a way to be removed, this is through a reliable sump pumping system that safely removes intruding water and pumps it away from the home. The sump pump should come with an airtight lid, preventing water vapor from escaping back into the basement and offer a batter backup solution to ensure your basement will remain dry during a power outage.


Keeping relative humidity low is key to preventing mold growth in your basement. Your basement needs a dehumidification system that can empty itself and has a built-in humidistat, saving you money so the system is not running constantly.


All of the waterproofing products installed in your home should come with a reliable warranty and be installed by a professional company that specializes in waterproofing.

Product Servicing

To keep your basement dry all of the time, each component of your basement’s waterproofing system should be serviced annually. The company who installed your waterproofing system should have a dedicated Service Department that can be reached at any time.

Whether your basement is a finished space in your home or just an unfinished storage area, finding water taking over your space and your home is always devastating. You deserve a reliable company to provide you with peace of mind and a dry basement.

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