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What Problems Can Hurt My Basement in Summer?

Occasional rains and high humidity can send water into your basement and damage it. Find out where the problems originate and fix them.

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You probably know the wet season doesn’t end in spring. Summer also has its fair share of rainy days.

Some days will receive above-average rainfall during summer storms. What does this mean for you? Simple. You’re still going to have to deal with summer humidity and the occasional summer storms.

Most problems point back to either internal moisture or rain. If you can deal with these, you will avert basement problems. However, water can still infiltrate the basement from the wet soil below. Make sure the foundation is structurally sound and that the interior walls are free of cracks.

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1. Summer Humidity

Growing moisture in the basement can set the stage for condensation. Some people mistake the water droplets or puddles for leaks. Inspect your dryer vent and ventilation systems. Make sure they direct steaming hot air outside. If moisture keeps building up, the atmosphere will become humid.

Typical of summers, outside air is hot and humid. Some of it can flow into your basement, bringing moisture with it. Humidity levels may go up significantly. Get a hygrometer and test just to be sure what levels you’re dealing with. Afterward, work to bring it down to between 30 to 50 percent. Mold and mildew won’t grow at these levels.

You can combat basement moisture and bring down humidity levels using an energy-efficient dehumidifier. Get one with self-draining capabilities, so you won’t have to empty buckets of water every morning. If you’re unsure of their sizing, consult your basement contractor.

2. Clogged Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are designed to collect and direct water away from your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, they get clogged by dirt, leaves, and debris leading to gutter overflows. Spilling water can pool around the perimeter of your home and leach into the soil. When this happens, you can guess where all this water will end up.

Summertime sees above-average rainfall. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and intact. If you’re busy, call a roofing cleaner to help you. Check that the downspouts extend out as well, or you could investigate the possibility of placing these lines in the ground.

3. Leaking Window Wells

Window wells and their respective pits can collect water, which can leak through the window frames into your basement. Worn caulking and cracks can also cause leaks. Look out for water trickles, staining or water damage on walls, and puddles right below the basement windows. Mold may also form around your windows.

Make sure the window wells have proper drainage. Set the wells at the correct level, fil the excavated areas with round pebbles, then install a fiber cloth and put back the ground cover.

4. Poor Grading

If you fix interior issues and forget your yard, your efforts are in vain. Water will keep attacking your foundation and eventually get into your basement. Walk around your home and look at your yard’s slope or grade. Check the soil surrounding your home. Does the ground slope toward your foundation or away from it?

A lot of drainage issues in summer stem from yard grading issues. Make sure your yard slopes away from your home so rainwater can flow out and not backward. A landscaping professional can help with the grading.

Dealing with basement moisture issues in Raleigh, NC, is easy if you know the source of the problems. Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote with the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems and discover issues that could make your basement damp. We will recommend effective solutions so this area stays dry.

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