Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Will Your Basement Walls Last?

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Monday, August 24th, 2015
finished basement suffering from water damage

Before finishing your basement, it is important to find a basement wall that will meet the criteria below:

  •         How they look cosmetically.
  •         How much maintenance they will need (painting, cleaning).
  •         How energy efficient they are.
  •         Will they survive moisture or a flooded basement?

Drywall, sheetrock, wood paneling, and studs are all products commonly found in finished basements. What do all of these products also have in common? They allow mold to grow on them and can be ruined by moisture.

Conveniently, Tar Heel Basement Systems offers basement wall solutions that will meet all of the needs above and more, providing you with a healthy, finished space.

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