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Case Study: Greensboro, NC


This home was on the market, but there was one issue that was causing buyers from purchasing the beautiful home. The sidewalk leading up to the front of the house had settled, creating a one-inch trip hazard and liability concern. The homeowners needed to have this problem fixed immediately, with no disruption to the yard, so they could sell their home.


PolyRenewal Specialist, Rick Brown, evaluated the homeowner’s concerns, designing a solution that would solve this issue. Tar Heel Basement Systems used a structural foam called PolyRenewal to raise the sinking slab in half a day with no disruption to the homeowner’s yard.

The installation team began the restoration by drilling two penny-sized holes in the slab reaching the soil below. The high-density, structural polyurethane foam was injected beneath the slab, filling the void that was formed due to tree roots. As the void became filled, the expanding properties of the polyurethane allow the slab to rise to the proper height. A quick cure time of just 15 minutes, provided instant results.

Each penny-sized hole was filled with a fresh layer of concrete grout, camouflaging the installation holes. The waterproof polyurethane foam will remain below the slab indefinitely. To ensure UV rays will not reach the foam, the team also sealed the slab joints.

Taking less than one day to lift their sinking slab using PolyRenewal, the homeowners are now ready to present their home to potential buyers!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

System Design Specialist: Rick Brown

Product Used: PolyRenewal

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