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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Eliminated with PolyRenewal

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Friday, March 31st, 2017


This Winston Salem, NC residence was built in 2001, with a 17 foot long sidewalk leading up to the front porch. Throughout the years a noticeable two inch drop had formed between slabs in the sidewalk, creating an alarming trip hazard for the homeowners. Fearful of incoming guests or children falling, there was a need to get this problem permanently fixed. Replacing the sidewalk was too costly for the budget set in place and would not address the real concern, eroding soil. The homeowners searched for an alternative solution.


System Design Specialist, Rick Brown, proposed an efficient and economical solution that would address the concerns of the failing slab and provide the homeowners with a raised sidewalk. PolyRenewal fills voids, stabilizes and lifts concrete using a two-part urethane foam that when combined expands. Once injected through a penny-sized hole, the polymer experiences a chemical reaction that turns the two blended ingredients into expanding, high-density foam. The expansive reaction effectively fills the void beneath the slab and allows for an accurate lift. Within just thirty minutes, the polymer reaches 90% of its final strength, allowing the slab to return back to service immediately. Unlike, mudjacking that is heavy, PolyRenewal is light-weight, weighing just 2-6 pounds per cubic foot.

Tar Heel Basement Systems injected 20 pounds of the polyurethane foam beneath the sinking sidewalk, lifting the slab two inches — back to its original position. The installation was completed in just one hour, allowing the homeowners to return to walking around their home as usual. PolyRenewal is waterproof and environmentally friendly, making it a great solution to eliminate trip hazards in and around your home.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

System Desginer/PolyRenewal Specialist: Rick Brown

Product Installed: PolyRenewal

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