Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Winter Sidewalk Safety

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Thursday, February 18th, 2016
sinking sidewalk that is uneven can result in a trip hazard

Having a sinking sidewalk that is uneven can result in a trip hazard at all times, especially when covered with ice and snow. When your uneven slab is covered by inclement weather you’re walking with a blind eye, not knowing where the uneven slab areas are causing for a double concern. Not only is an uneven sidewalk a safety risk for the homeowner, it’s also a property liability if anyone were to get hurt because of this problem.

While total concrete replacement is not a good option, for such a simple fix and pretty much impossible during the cold winter months, Tar Heel Basement Systems offers the perfect solution: PolyRenewal™!

Unlike, mud jacking and total concrete replacement, PolyRenewal™ can be used during cold weather and there is no destruction of the property or sidewalk. The unique, high-density foam allows for a quick cure time of only 15 minutes. No damage, stabilizes and levels, and no waiting time for your slab to be used again, PolyRenewal™ is the best choice when it comes to slab repair.

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