Tar Heel Tip of the Week: 6mil Liners In Your Crawl Space

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Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
Crawl space with falling insulation

Traditionally, according to building codes, all a crawl space needed was open vents and 6mil polyethylene liner on top of the dirt floor. However, thin plastic simply does not hold up or meet the criteria to fully protect your home from the dirt floor below. Open vents allow for humidity and critters to easily enter the crawl space and destroy the liner, as well as service companies and homeowners just simply crawling on top, can easily puncture thin 6mil. plastic.

The plastic liner is also very difficult to attach to the walls of the crawl space and can be easily torn down exposing your home to moisture, water vapor, and possibly mold. Tar Heel Basement Systems offers solutions to completely seal your crawl space using antimicrobial, thick vapor barriers that cannot be easily ripped or torn and keep unexpected guests out.

If the health of your home is suffering due to an insufficient 6mil vapor barrier, call our office today for a FREE ESTIMATE appointment.

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