Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Do Not Vent Your Dirt Crawl Space

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Monday, May 4th, 2015
Humidity in this crawl space has cause droplets to caught on the ceiling.

When warm humid air enters crawl space vents, where is the first place it will give up its moisture? On the coldest surfaces, right? The coldest surface is likely to be your ducts when the air conditioning is on. So when a duct is wet, it is warmed by the summer air/humidity that came through the crawl space vents.

Here’s more bad news for those of you who heat your homes. You wouldn’t purify water and send it through dirty pipes before you drink it, right? Yet homeowners heat their air and send it through cold ducts to our rooms. The ducts are most likely thin sheet metal, sometimes insulated, most of the times not. We have open vents in our crawl space and its 30 degrees out. You lose again.

Luckily, Tar Heel Basement Systems offers a solution! To find out more information about crawl space repair or to schedule an appointment to make your home more energy efficient call.

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