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Why Your Energy Bill Rises During Summer

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Having a vented crawl space with an exposed dirt floor is a very bad idea.

Having a vented crawl space with an exposed dirt floor is a very bad idea and can cause the stack effect

The earth has very high humidity in the soil and living in the Southeast Region of the United States doesn’t help. Water vapor also knows as humidity moves easily throughout the crawl space and upwards into the living area of the home above. Having an open vented crawl space with a dirt floor can be the main cause in your home’s energy bill spiking throughout the summer months.

It’s important for homeowners to educate themselves on why their crawl space could be causing their energy bill increase. Having open vents don’t allow a crawl space to “air out” in fact, the opposite occurs and outside air is pulled into the crawl space through the vents. But how does this happen? The Stack Effect. An airflow is created throughout your home from bottom to top. Airflow enters the crawl space through open vents and is drawn upwards into the living area of the home and released through the roofing system. Having an exposed floor and open vents is a combination of a very unhealthy home.

The air that is entering the crawl space and going into the living area of the home is the same air that lands on the cold surfaces of your air conditioning ducts. When a duct is wet, it is warmed by the summer humidity that came through the crawl space vents. Not only is wet duct work a sign of an unhealthy crawl space, it’s also a sign that your air conditioning system is having to work double time to keep the living area above cool, ultimately costing you more money.

Fixing your crawl space is one home repair you can’t afford to make. You’re paying the price every month in higher energy bills by living in a house with a dirt crawl space. Four easy steps can transform your crawl space into a healthy area below your home and reduce your power bill by 15-25%!

How to lower your energy bills

1. Fix the water leakage (if there is any).

2. Isolate the home from the exposed earth with the CrawlSeal System.

3. Seal the vents and other outside air leaks.

4. ‘Condition’ or dehumidify your crawl space air to prevent mold growth and keep humidity levels below 55%.

To create a healthy environment below your home and save on your energy bill, call our office today for a free in-home estimate.

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