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Bowing Wall Straightened and Stabilized in Winston-Salem, NC

Bowing basement walls are hazardous to your home and your family. Learn how we can permanently fix this issue.



A small home in suburban Winston-Salem had been experiencing a cracked, bowing basement wall for a while before Tar Heel Basement Systems stepped in. Two horizontal cracks had formed in the cinder block walls and the upper half of the wall started tipping outward. Most likely, the hydrostatic pressure from the outside soil along with continual cycles of soil condition changes are to blame for this problem. The homeowner had attempted to halt the bowing with DIY wooden braces but realized that to permanently fix the problem and increase the property value, professional service and equipment would be the best option. The homeowner was preparing the house to be put up for sale.


wall anchor work during summer

Tar Heel Basement Systems, LLC installed (4) Basement Wall Anchors 16”x26” galvanized Earth Anchors attached to 12”x28” steel Wall Plates with threaded, galvanized steel rods to permanently stabilize the bowing basement wall. The Basement Wall Anchor System also offers the possibility of straightening the wall completely over time. The crew used a mini-excavator to auger 4 holes into the soil 12 feet away from the basement wall. Once this was finished, the crew entered the basement and drilled threaded rods through the cinder block of the bowing wall.  The rods will serve as the tether between the inside half of the anchor and the outside half. Once the interior and exterior wall plates were secured, the team began to tighten the anchors, pulling them closer together and stabilizing the wall. A torque wrench was left with the homeowner for periodic tightening over time as the wall will not straighten instantly. The anchors are under a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a company performance warranty.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Tar Heel Basement Systems

Project Engineer: Hayman Engineering

Certified Foreman: Josh Watson

Products Installed: (4) Basement Wall Anchors

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