Don’t Let Cracked Basement Walls Become Your Home’s New Decor!

Stabilize your cracked and bowed walls with the proven, engineered Carbon Fiber wall reinforcing system.

Carbon Fiber installation

The Carbon Fiber Wall System reinforces and stabilizes your cracked basement walls, restoring value and integrity to your home. The Carbon Fiber System is a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer that is 10 times stronger than steel and is specifically designed for basement walls. The system’s uniquely flexible design allows the strap to contour tightly against your foundation wall, ensuring the ultimate coverage and adhesion when compared to other wall repair systems.

The Carbon Fiber Wall System stabilizes foundation walls and stops inward movement at the top of the wall and any cracks. Other methods that alleviate top of wall movement are bulky and obtrusive and require pipes and ductwork to be moved while also interfering with the ceiling height. The Carbon Fiber Wall System is a state-of-the-art method that will ensure your foundation wall is safe and stable.

Using a high strength epoxy resin to adhere the carbon fiber strip to the wall, this wall repair product is installed inside your basement wall and arrests further bowing movement of the wall. The Carbon Fiber’s low-profile design means the straps can easily be concealed with paint or drywall.

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