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How Waterproofing Your Concrete Foundation Protects Your Home

Moisture is a serious threat to the stability of your concrete foundation. Waterproofing is the best safeguard.

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Your foundation is critical to the health and stability of your house. When the foundation gets damaged or loses its structural integrity, your home suffers. That’s something a good number of Winston-Salem, NC, homeowners experience at some point in their lives. In most of these cases, water is usually the major culprit. 

If you’ve just noticed leaks or mold in your home, it’s time to waterproof your concrete foundation. Foundation waterproofing prevents water infiltration into your basement, keeping your home dry and protected from structural damage. 

interior drainage installation

Why Invest in Concrete Foundation Waterproofing? 

As well as instigating foundation wall cracks, water infiltration makes your basement damp and musty.  Basement humidity also creates a conducive environment for mold growth and rot. That’s not all. The moisture that seeps into the basement also attracts insects, mice, and other pests escaping the searing heat outside. Once they take over the basement, these creatures will make forays into your living space. 

Remember that about 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from the below-grade areas like the basement. Through the stack effect, the polluted air in your basement travels upward into your living areas. This air carries dust mites, mold spores, and other contaminants, which can cause various respiratory issues for your family. 

Overall, waterproofing not only keeps water out but also promotes fresher indoor air quality, prevents mold, and fortifies your home. 

When Is the Right Time to Waterproof Your Foundation? 

Never put off any foundation or waterproofing repairs for your home since these small cracks and gaps typically become more prominent and more pronounced over time. That said, foundation waterproofing should be the first thing you consider when buying a home.  

Ideally, you want to invest in a house with adequate foundation waterproofing. If the home you’d like to buy isn’t waterproofed, try negotiating with the seller to see if they can kick in the costs of waterproofing the foundation before you buy. Don’t forget to request a free inspection and estimate from a reputable Winston-Salem, NC, foundation repair company in advance.  

If you already own a home, do not wait any longer to have your foundation waterproofed. The longer you wait, the worse the issues get. And that means only one thing: Repairs will be costly and disruptive. Fix foundational issues as soon as you notice them. 

How to Waterproof a Concrete Foundation 

A realistic approach to concrete foundation waterproofing means paying attention to different systems and strategies. Used in combination, the methods described below provide the best protection against unwanted water in your basement. 

Gutters and Downspouts 

Water from the roof has to go far from your home or it will percolate and sink into the foundation. By installing or repairing your guttering system, you will be able to arrest rainwater and move it away from your home before it causes problems. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of any blockages, and that your downspouts are angled downward to drain water away from your foundation. In the same vein, it’s important for your yard grading to slope down and away, as well, to aid in proper drainage. 

Window Well Covers 

If you have any basement windows, the exterior window wells need to be covered to prevent rainwater from collecting in the well. Go for see-through covers so they don’t obstruct natural light. 

Proper Interior Drainage and Waterproofing 

If any water leaks inside your foundation and into your basement, you need a way to intercept it and remove it immediately before it damages your basement or structural supports. That’s exactly what an interior drainage system and a sump pump will do. Interior drainage channels are placed just below the concrete basement floor to catch leaking water and direct it to the sump pump. The sump pump then ejects this water from the basement. You can also pair these solutions with a vapor barrier on the walls. 

Basement Dehumidification 

dehumidifier helps control the basement’s humidity level, leaving the space nice, dry, and usable. This helps make your home less hospitable for mold, pests, rodents, and other crawlies, which can damage your structure and health. 

Is Concrete Foundation Waterproofing a DIY Task? 

No. Concrete foundation waterproofing isn’t your typical DIY job. The truth is that you can’t resolve foundational problems with over-the-counter DIY kits. It’s best you leave this job to experts who have the skills, experience, and knowledge to remedy foundational issues and problems. Only a professional waterproofing service can deliver the expert results you seek. 

If you suspect that your concrete foundation is perpetrating basement leaks, get in touch with Tar Heel Basement Systems for a free inspection and repair quote. Our friendly experts will resolve the issues fast.

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