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wall anchor work during summer

Should I Repair My Damaged Foundation During Summer?

Each season presents its challenges, but summer is ideally the best time to carry out those overdue foundation repairs.

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Summer spells warm weather and workable soil in most parts of the country, so why not invest in foundation repairs when you won’t have to worry about rain and water damage? 

Summer, spring, winter, or fall, what’s the best time to repair the foundation? That’s a question some Raleigh, NC, homeowners struggle with as they try to maintain their foundations. Foundation repairs are big projects. Timing is everything as it can mean the difference between timely and efficient repairs or costly and prolonged maintenance. Here’s what you can expect when repairing foundations at different times of the year.

wall anchor work during summer


From March to May, days are longer, and temperatures become warmer. Ice starts melting and the ground thaws. Homeowners venture outside more. It’s a time people also notice foundation cracks in their homes. Due to the changes in the foundation, people also start scheduling repairs. However, the heavy rainfall and sloppy mud around the foundation wall can impede repairs. 


Come summer, the weather starts warming up between June and August. Some problems like cracks may also pop up due to settling soils or shrinking soils. But it’s by far the best period to perform foundation crack repairs. During this time, you don’t have to worry about rainwater and the damage it causes. 

And here’s why: 

  • 1) Warm weather spells – Your contractor will work comfortably outside without worrying about rain or freezing cold weather. 
  • 2) Workable soils – Soils will have lost water and become easy to dig or excavate. 
  • 3) Easier inspections – Natural light means contractors can uncover problems like floor cracks, chipping, gaps, and space between walls, or the flaking in your foundation pretty fast. 
  • 4) Contractor availability – You can access foundation repair experts more easily during this time of the year than other seasons like Fall or Winter. 
  • 5) Faster repairs — Because the soils are loose, contractors work fast, and foundation repair projects are completed quickly. 
  • 6) Effective treatments — Higher summer temperatures mean that any foundation repairs or waterproofing solutions cure properly and dry fast, as there’s no water infiltration to interfere with the treatment. 


Summer weather may extend into Fall, but the weather starts becoming pleasant in September. Temperatures are significantly lower than the peak of summer. September begins the pleasant autumn season in North Carolina. Precipitation is moderate. 


Winters are short and mild. Snow falls occasionally in January. Many people don’t think of carrying out repairs during this time for different reasons. Not only is it a holiday season, but people don’t go out much. Some of them don’t realize their foundations need repairs. Plus, it’s sometimes too cold for contractors to work outside in this weather. 

Foundation Repair Checklist 

Here is a simple checklist for conducting a summer evaluation of your foundation for problems. 

  • Check walls inside and around your home for holes, crumbling, or cracks that appear new. Monitor them but be sure to call a foundation repair contractor in Raleigh, NC. 
  • Scan your tiles, carpeting, and wood floors for cracks, separation, or sunken ground. 
  • Check your basement walls, ceiling, and floor for signs of leaks or water damage. 
  • Inspect your home’s grading. Make sure the ground slopes away from the perimeter of your home. 
  • Check the gutters to ensure they are all working perfectly and repair any that appear damaged. 
  • Ensure your downspouts are angled down properly, pointing away, and free of clogs. You may also choose to have these lines placed in the ground. 
  • Check paved surfaces like porches and driveway for divots and depressions, as they may hold water. 
  • Make sure paved surfaces slope away from your home. 
  • Disconnect any hose from the outside faucet and turn off any water sources you don’t need. 
  • Inspect your roof for holes or any damage and fix them; otherwise, they will introduce water into your home. 

Not sure whether a foundation repair is due? Get in touch with the foundation repair experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems. We will perform a free foundation repair inspection and give you a repair quote for free as well. Don’t delay, as the longer you wait, the worse the damage grows. Our team will diagnose foundation problems and recommend the best fixes.

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