Tar Heel Tip of the Week: Why Should You Fix Your Foundation?

1. The problem will get worse over time. A foundation problem never gets better on its own– only worse– and as it does, it’s going to cost more to fix.

2. Resale Value. Who wants to buy a house with a foundation problem? Nobody….

3. Appearance. Foundation problems often cause ugly cracks not only in the foundation itself, but inside the home as well.

4. Door and Window Operation. As your foundation fails to hold the house where it should be, your house sinks settles and moves–this causes doors and windows to stick and jam.

5. Water Intrusion. Cracks let in water, or at the very least moisture, which can damage your living space in a variety of ways.

6. Safety. Foundations collapsing, chunks of brick veneer falling off the house, and other serious safety hazards can and have happened if the problem is ignored.

7. Critters like Cracks. Insects and rodents can get into your home through cracks in your foundation, becoming uninvited house guests. Making your foundation problem an additional pest problem.

house experiencing foundation issues

 If your home is experiencing any of the concerns above, call Tar Heel Basement Systems for your FREE evaluation.

doors no longer fitting in frame is a sign of foundation issues

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