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Tar Heel Basement was the only commercialized company to choose from that are local. I read about them online and … Read Full TestimonialSophia S. of Thomasville, NC »
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Testimonials From Thomasville, NC
I am very satisfied with the job you did for me. The installation crew was courteous and professional.  You had … Read Full TestimonialGary W. of Thomasville, NC »
Gary W. of Thomasville, NC
I loved my entire experience with Tar Heel Basement Systems including the service, results and people I worked with along … Read Full TestimonialLula I. of Thomasville, NC »
Lula I. of Thomasville, NC
I had a positive experience to address the (1) crawl space, (2) cracked foundation and (3) carport lift. When I spoke … Read Full TestimonialCheri M. of Thomasville, NC »
Cheri M. of Thomasville, NC
Reviews From Thomasville, NC
  • Thomasville, NC 27360
    "We appreciate the crew you sent to enclose our crawl space and install the dehumidifier.…"
  • Zeb
    Thomasville, NC 27360
    "Matt was on time an called ahead of time . He was very courteous and…"
  • Thomasville, NC 27360
    "I found Matt Johnson to be very cordial, professional and very knowledgeable in identifying the…"

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Thomasville, North Carolina

Water in the basement or crawl space leads to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Thomasville basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CrawlSeal vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Structural & Foundation Repair in Thomasville

Foundation problems destroy your Thomasville home’s value and can be dangerous. Our team of structural and geotechnical engineers is here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

We Fix

  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs
We Use

  • Wall Anchors
  • Slab Piers
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Helical Deck Piers
  • Sticking Windows
  • Underpinning

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Leveling & Lifting

The sunken and cracked concrete around your Thomasville home is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. It is also likely to get worse, but we can fix it for you.

Our experts use PolyRenewal, a superior polyurethane foam. Small holes are drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected and the expanding foam lifts the concrete. The majority of contractors you will call use mudjacking instead of foam. Mudjacking is heavier, require larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyRenewal. Call us today to learn more.

We Fix

  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues
Job Stories From Thomasville, NC
Aging Foundation Troubles Thomasville, NC Home

Vickie H., a homeowner from the Thomasville area of North Carolina, noticed one day that the floors under her felt like they were sagging and seemed to have a newly acquired spring-like quality to them.  She knew this wasn’t something she could ignore, and decided to contact a local contractor in the area that could inspect her home. She contacted Tar Heel Basement Systems for a free estimate after seeing a billboard advertisement in the area.

Soon after, Tar Heels representative Barry Johnson was sent out to meet Vickie at her Thomasville home.  Barry suggested the installation of the IntelliJack System in her crawl space.  IntelliJack support posts are steel rods reinforced by a casting of concrete at their base.  Unlike traditional wooden support beams, IntelliJack posts will never warp, rot, shrink or crack, ensuring for long lasting satisfaction.  They are also adjustable, allowing the contractor to apply maximum load-bearing strength to the jacks.   A short time after meeting with Barry, Vickie was surprised to find primary foreman Brett Bond and his crew ready to begin the repair.

Foundation troubles can be very scary for a homeowner; the uncertainty of not knowing how stable your house is can be frightening.  Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heels Basement Systems, Vickie no longer has to worry about the stability of her home. She is happier than ever knowing that the crawl space support posts installed underneath her home will keep her home and her family safe!

CrawlSeal Light Matting Protects Thomasville, NC Home Against Mold Growth
Tired of dealing with a smelly, damp crawl space, Thomasville homeowner Zeb H. knew it was time to call in the help of a professional contractor, and fast!  After being referred to Tar Heel Basement Systems by a close friend, Zeb decided to call them to schedule an inspection and free estimate. The following week, Zeb was met by moisture control specialist Barry Johnson. After careful observation of Zeb’s crawl space, Barry decided that the most efficient and cost-effective way to fix Zeb’s crawl space would be the installation of a few highly-effective products.  Among Barry’s recommendations was the CrawlSeal Light, an encapsulation matting that, when applied to the surface, inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria and other microbial organisms.  This along with the X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels and the Tar Heel dehumidification system will ultimately rid the basement of mold and keep it energy efficient and clean smelling.  Other repairs installed by foreman David See and his crew included sealed vents, wrapped pipes, and condensate pump lowes. Crawl spaces are many homeowners achilles heel, with problems from mold issues to the more serious foundation troubles, crawl spaces problems should never be overlooked.  For Zed, one thing he won’t have to worry about is the condition of his crawl space.
Heavy Storm Devastates Thomasville, NC Crawl Space
When Stan S. found water leaking into his crawl space after a recent storm, he realized that he needed to call in the help of a professional before the next storm hits.  After researching companies online, Stan came across Tar Heel Basement Systems and decided to give them a call based on their reputation and testimonials from other satisfied Thomasville homeowners. That same week, Stan was met by waterproofing specialist Roger Roten at his Thomasville home.  After going down and checking out the crawl space, Roger realized that it would be a reasonably easy fix.  Roger recommended the installation of three products: a SafeDri super sump pump, an FreezeGuard discharge line, and an EZ-Flow system.  Roger reassured Stan that after installing these products, his crawl space water problems would be a thing of the past!  With the recommendations agreed upon, Brett Bond and his crew come in to install the waterproofing products. With the products set in place and doing their job, Stan no longer has to worry about his crawl space taking in water anymore, and can finally feel safe in his home all thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems.
Thomasville, NC - Sagging Floors Permanently Fixed

The girder under this Thomasville, NC home had begun to settle so severely the floors were noticeably uneven in the home above. The homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a resolution. 

The crawl space team was able to reverse the sagging girder, level the floor and stabilize it permanently using IntelliJacks. The galvanized steel columns are secured to the beams in the crawl space. The IntelliJack System is also resistant to rust and corrosion allowing for permanent stabilization. These homeowners are excited to have a stabilized floor system below their home.

Thomasville, NC Crawl Space Repair
Charlotte L. of Thomasville, NC had a repeated problem of contractors over promising and not properly fixing her crawl space concerns, leaving her weary of home improvement companies. She wanted the problems fixed and with a reliable company so she called Tar Heel Basement Systems to address and fix her crawl space problems once and for all. Shortly after giving Tar Heel Basement Systems a call an appointment was scheduled for Trevor Lord to evaluate her crawl space moisture and support concerns. Trevor designed a plan to effectively rid her crawl space of moisture and fix the failing floor supports. Two Tar Heel Basement Systems’ crews were assigned the task of meeting this homeowners needs. The first crew, Adam Blake and Lorenzo, fixed the crawl space supports and replaced her rotted floor joists, subfloor and wood bands. The second Tar Heel crew, Matt Johnson, Josh Carver and Josh McKnight eliminated her ground water concern by installing the SafeDri sump pump (that automatically drains outside and away from the home), CrawlSeal 20mil. liner to separate the home from the exposed soil, and conditioned the crawl space air to prevent mold and future wood rot by installing the Tar Heel dehumidifier that automatically drains into the SafeDri sump pump. Now this Thomasville, NC homeowner can rest easy knowing her problems were corrected and fixed the right way thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Thomasville, NC- Crawl Space Receives Transformation
A nasty, wet crawl space was the typical sight for these Thomasville, NC homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to transform the nasty crawl space into, finished storage area using the 20mil CrawlSeal liner, SafeDri triple sump pump, and Tar Heel dehumidifier. The homeowners no longer dread entering their newly transformed crawl space as the area is dry and bright!
Work Requests From Thomasville, NC
in Thomasville
Cellar has water issues.
Barnwell in Thomasville
Hello. I have problems with water leaks in my basement
Ben Lee Road in Thomasville
My craw space door is low and my ground slopes to the door now. I would like to install a turtl crawspace door so I could build up the soil so thet water will go away from the house. Thanks Ken.
Blaor St in Thomasville
Kitchen floor sloping down.
Bryan St in Thomasville
Small basement has sump pump now but still stays damp and mold starting to creep up the inside of walls inside house
Bud Kanoy Road in Thomasville
Crawlspace insulation and mold prevention.
Burton Road in Thomasville
Looking to have the concrete floor leveled in the garage. Appointment set
Butler Dr in Thomasville
Crawl space moisture
Byerly Dr. in Thomasville
I have a detached garage that the foundation and floor have settled. Also the apron has cracked and settled.
Calvary Way in Thomasville
Have condensation on the north wall above the foundation but below the sub floor. Interested in the crawl space encapsulation.
Carolina Ave. in Thomasville
Noticed mold in closet on things and the smell for awhile. Lived here three years and have developed breathing problems.
Cedar Circle in Thomasville
Foundation evaluation, crawl space waterproofing/insulation
Cedar Trail in Thomasville
Crack in foundation.
Cody Drive in Thomasville
I would like to get my crwal space encapsulated.
Courtland Cir. in Thomasville
I had a termite company in today and they say the is water damage in the attic. Not horribly extensive, but i need a free quote so i can get this taken care of.
Courtland Circle in Thomasville
Looking for estimate on cleaning crawl space, snake nest removal, sump pump and dehumidifier installation. Appointment set.
Cox Ave in Thomasville
Calling to get an estimate for basement water proofing at his mothers home referred by goggle appointment booked
Fairgrove Rd in Thomasville
I live in an old house that does not have vapor barrier or insulation.
Fairview Rd in Thomasville
Selling a home with some leaking issues in the basement. The buyers would like me to have it fixed.
Ford Street in Thomasville
Need proper drain to keep water off of floor and have walls sealed
Fuller Mill Rd N in Thomasville
Black mold in crawl space underneath house has caused our floor to start getting weak in a couple of places. Had a previous water leak but fixed it.
Gate Rd in Thomasville
Crawl space vapor barrier installed
Georgia Ave in Thomasville
Water in the basement Crack in the foundation
Harvest Dr in Thomasville
Water is running through or under foundation into crawlspace during excessive rain
Hasty School Road in Thomasville
Real estate agent for the buyer. The basement leaks. She will call back after speaking to the buyer.
Hickory Trail in Thomasville
Doors can't be shut, cracks in the walls
Hinkle Street in Thomasville
Have water running into the crawl space and pooling in one corner. A representative can come at anytime. Thanks
James Xing in Thomasville
Crawl space and what need to be done
Johnia Ct in Thomasville
We have doors that do not close anymore, and a couple cracks coming from door frames. We are looking for someone to check out the home in the crawl space and see if there is a problem.
Kanoy Rd in Thomasville
I know there is a space under a slab in the back shop and found a loose place today in the main shop. Several other bad places in the shop floor. Total area 45k sq ft.
KATE DRIVE in Thomasville
Lakeview Circle in Thomasville
I'm looking for floor joists replacement and beam replacement.
Lancey Dr in Thomasville
Moisture in crawl space and basement room. Calcium build up coming up on lower wall in room and mold and/or mildew in both locations. Another company is wanting to do French drain on two sides of house and put in a Dehumidifier in crawl space and connect it two room in basement.
Liberty Dr in Thomasville
Crack in basement wall
Liberty Drive in Thomasville
We have made an offer to purchase this home. There is a cellar/crawlspace at this home that has some water penetration during heavy rains. We are trying to determine if it is simply water seepage or a true leak in the foundation and what the level of concern there is for this problem. We would like to get a free inspection and estimate of repairs prior to the end of our inspection period. Please contact me as soon as you can to attempt to schedule an appointment. Someone will have to meet you as the home is currently vacant.
May Road in Thomasville
I would like a quote on crawl space waterproofing
Moore St in Thomasville
Wet crawl space in a rental roperty that I own
N Forrest Drive in Thomasville
Estimate for crawl space repairs. Joists need to be sistered and additional supports added to jack it up. Referred by television Appointment set
Noahtown Rd in Thomasville
My basement leaks and some mold seen along the bottom of the walls.
Oakwood Street in Thomasville
Want to get basement floor and walls remodeled, back corner wall has slight dampness or weeping over the years. Want to get quote on remodeling, start time, and time to complete job also all warranties that cover the job. Thank You
Old Oak Rd in Thomasville
Condensation in the crawlspace and some mold
Pin Oak in Thomasville
No vapor barrier in crawl space
Poplar Lane in Thomasville
We had a new vapor barrier and bigger vents put in a couple of years ago, but we still have a moisture and mold issue. Our daughter and I have severe allergies and asthma. We try to treat the mold ourselves, but it's hard to keep up with. I can smell it in the house. It worries us. Not sure if we can afford to use your system at this time, but we urgently need to do something. Thanks.
Princeton Xing in Thomasville
Eliminate moisture under the house. There is also a leak around my French doors not sure if this is something that your company repairs as well.
Randolph St. in Thomasville
Looking for estimate on concrete lifting and leveling for uhaul business. Referred by internet. Office will call back to set appointment.
Randolph Street in Thomasville
We have a sidewalk in our office park at 1040 Randolph Street, Building 1 that has sections that have settled and are now unlevel. The sidewalk is in 4 to 6 foot squares and appear to be about 2 inches out of level along one edge. There are probably several squares that need to be leveled. I would like to get one section leveled as a test before we do all 4 buildings.
Redbud Lane in Thomasville
Interested in a getting quote on crawlspace waterproofing.
Rosedale Drive in Thomasville
RUNNING STREAM LN in Thomasville
Crawl space humidity
Sedge Lane in Thomasville
Concret slab cracking,and sinking in garage
Stacey Lane in Thomasville
I have moisture problems in my unfinished basement. I also have some erosion at my foundation and around my gutter downspouts that go underground.
Sugar Cane Lane in Thomasville
Have had some settling. The closet door in second bedroom is where the issue is located. The door has recently become hard to open and close.
Sullivan Rd. in Thomasville
Basement is getting water in it when it rains. Has been for a while. Gutters helped but still wet.
Virginia St in Thomasville
Always wet in craw space. Carpet always damp.
W. Holly Hill Road in Thomasville
I am having issues with my kitchen floor sagging and I believe this may be a foundation issue. I have also noticed a few wall cracks in certain spots throughout the house.
Willowmoore Ave in Thomasville
Minor cracks in foundation walls. Water seeps through foundation walls during heavy rains.
Windsor Rd in Thomasville
Basement flooded.
Yokley Rd in Thomasville
We just bought a home thats about 25 years old. It does not have anytype of plastic vapor barrier in the crawl space. Although the inspector says it did not need. I think it would be helpful,