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Bobby & Kevin treated my property as it was theirs. Very good job!!
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I feel the work that was performed in my leaking crawlspace was very good and I am entirely satisfied with … Read Full TestimonialChlories S. of Pfafftown , NC »
Chlories S. of Pfafftown , NC
Josh, William, Jason and the rest of the team did an excellent job. I am impressed with the exceptional work … Read Full TestimonialRob A. of Kernersville, NC »
Rob A. of Kernersville, NC
Steve and his crew were very nice and courteous and we enjoyed having them around for the duration of the … Read Full TestimonialAnnie W. of Kernersville, NC »
Annie W. of Kernersville, NC
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Waterproof Your Forsyth County Basement Today!

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you still have water in your basement? Save yourself the headache and contact us today. We have patented products designed to keep your basement dry. Our expert technicians have the knowledge to diagnose your problem and offer a variety of solution that best suits your needs.

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Tar Heel Basement Systems Repairs Foundation in Forsyth County, NC and nearby.

  • Whether you have:
  • Bowing walls,
  • Settling foundation,
  • Cinderblock stairstep cracks,
  • Separating chimney,
  • or other foundation problems, we can help you and your home.

Repairing your foundation could be essential to the safety of your home. We fix a wide range of problems and have a solution that best fits your home. If you start seeing cracks throughout your home or sagging floors, you may want to have your foundation looked at.

Level Your Concrete with PolyLevel in Forsyth County!

Uneven sidewalks can be a tripping hazard to you and your loved ones. Tar Heel Basement Systems uses PolyRenewal, an advanced concrete lifting foam. Sunken concrete can be caused by settling, compaction or washing out of soils. PolyRenewal is light and does not wash away making it a superior to mudjacking. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Job Stories From Forsyth, NC
Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing in Lewisville, NC
This home in Lewisville, NC had a finished basement and a vented dirt crawl space. The homeowner had constant dampness on her basement walls, high humidity and moisture in her crawl space. In an effort to prevent the moisture from getting into the basement, she used DryLok waterproofing paint on the interior basement wall. After a short time, the Drylock paint started to chip away and peel off, leaving a black, mold-like residue on the wall. This was caused by moisture making its way through the porous basement wall. The homeowner decided that it was better to address the water intrusion in her basement rather than continue to cover it up like a bandaid with Drylock paint. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems to install BasementGutter, an interior perimeter drainage system, that will allow the moisture from the wall a route to exit the basement. The installation crew also installed CrawlDrain, an interior crawl space drainage system, that will pull any groundwater from the crawl space and lead it to the SafeDri super sump pump. Both drainage systems carried the water to the sump pump that was located in the crawl space and pumped out of the home. Now that this basement and crawl space have been waterproofed by Tar Heel Basement Systems, this homeowner will never need to paint Drylok on the walls again!
Basement Waterproofed to Help Sell Home in Winston-Salem, NC
This home was on the market to sell, but the inspection report came back showing moisture and foundation issues in the basement. These problems can often hinder the sale of a home, so the homeowner contacted Tar Heel Basement Systems to permanently solve these issues. One of the basement walls was beginning to bow, which caused a horizontal crack along the entire wall. The foundation crew installed (10) wall anchors to stabilize and potentially straighten the wall. Next, the waterproofing crew installed our patented BasementGutter drainage system around the perimeter of the basement to collect incoming water. That water was removed from the basement using the SafeDri super sump pump. Now that these basement problems are solved, this home is ready to go back on the market to sell. All waterproofing systems come with a lifetime, transferable warranty.
Basement Window Troubles Resolved in Winston Salem

Susan P. of Winston Salem, NC was having trouble making her basement energy efficient. After seeing information online, she decided to give Tar Heel Basement Systems a call.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the EverLast Basement Window. The Everlast Window is made of vinyl so that it won't rust, rot or ever need to be painted. Unlike her original basement window that only had one pane, the EverLast Window has two panes and comes with weather stripping to keep outside elements out of her basement.

She is now happy that her basement has become more energy efficient and has gotten a cosmetic transformation at the same time!

Belews Creek, NC - Lakeside Home Gets Sealed Crawl Space
This beautiful home on Belews Lake had a damp crawl space that was becoming a concern for the homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to create a dry and conditioned space below the home by sealing the vents with X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels, also installing the CrawlSeal 20mil. anti-microbial liner and Aprilaire Dehumidifier.
Boone, NC - Doctors Office Crawl Space
This crawl space under a doctor’s office in Boone, NC was in need of a crawl space fix. Water was coming in through the cinder block foundation and under the multiple crawl space doors. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed CrawlDrain around the perimeter walls, 3 SafeDri sump pumps, CrawlSeal 20 mil. liner, 5 Tar Heel dehumidifiers and 2 crawl space doors that completely sealed the crawl space away from the outside. Now, this commercial crawl space is dry and healthy.
Clemmons, NC - Basement Wall Insulation
The team at Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the Basement To Beautiful insulated wall panels along the basement walls after the interior drainage system called, BasementGutter was installed to manage intruding moisture. The inorganic Basement To Beautiful wall panels is custom engineered to eliminate wood framing and fiberglass insulation so homeowners can have a healthy, dry and energy efficient basement.
Clemmons, NC - Basement Wall Stabilized

The horizontal crack along this Clemmons, NC basement wall was becoming larger as the years passed, eventually the homeowner could no longer hide the problem. Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the basement wall using the Basement Wall Anchor System.

Clemmons, NC- Bowing Basement Wall Braced

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed ten zinc-plated IntelliBraces™ along the cracked basement wall. The IntelliBraces™ were secured to the floor system of the home and floor of the basement to immediately stabilize the slightly bowing basement wall. 

Clemmons, NC- Exposed Crawl Space No More
The exposed crawl space under this Clemmons, NC home had exposed dirt and open vents causing the HVAC system to work hard to keep a comfortable room temperature in the home above. The Crawl Space Team sealed off the open vents using X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation panels and covered the exposed dirt and walls using the 20mil. antimicrobial CrawlSeal liner.
Crawl Space Makeover in Fancy Gap, VA
This newly purchased home in Fancy Gap, VA had fallen victim to a neglected crawl space filled with moisture and musty odors. The new homeowners refused to move into the home until the problem was corrected, permanently. Transforming the area into a dry conditioned space was a challenge Tar Heel Basement Systems was eager to take on! The CrawlSeal 20mil antimicrobial liner separated the home from the exposed earth below, preventing ground moisture from entering the space while the SafeDri will safely removes ground water moisture. Eliminating musty odors, the team installed the self-draining Aprilaire Dehumidifier, preventing mold growth by keeping humidity below 55% year round. The new homeowners are now ready for move in day!
Crawl Space Waterproofing System Saves Kernersville, NC Home from Further Damage
When Kernersville homeowner Steve R. found that water was leaking into his crawl space, he knew that something had to be done before the problem got any worse.  Steve decided to search the Internet for a good waterproofing company.  Steve came across Tar Heel Basement Systems and was convinced he should give them a call after reading their many positive reviews from happy customers.  The fact that they offer free estimates also didn’t hurt! Very soon after, Steve was met by Tar Heel representative and waterproofing specialist Roger Roten.  Roger immediately got down to business, inspecting the crawl space and writing up an estimate for repair.  Roger fully explained the installation process and answered all of Steve’s questions. Primary foreman Joshua Carver and his crew began by installing a CrawlDrain drainage system along the perimeter of the crawl space.  Not only does the CrawlDrain catch incoming water and direct it towards a sump pump, but it also prevents the dirt crawl space from infiltrating the system ensuring proper drainage.  Next, a SafeDri sump pump was installed.  The SafeDri is made with a unique cover design, that detects plumbing leaks and alerts the homeowner of high water levels.  Finally an FreezeGuard was installed on the discharge line and outlet was installed to make sure water is drained a safe distance away from the foundation in all weather conditions! After a quick two day repair job, Steve’s basement is now ready to take on the world.  Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Steve’s basement will be the last thing he has to worry about!
Dobson, NC - Bowing Wall Repair

This Dobson, NC home had a severe bowing basement wall that was in need of repair. The Tar Heel Foundation Team installed (5) five Basement Wall Anchors in the wall, completely reversing the bow. The wall is now completely straightened thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

Dugout Crawl Space Gets Some TLC in Western Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Cendella's wife was having allergy problems and they were running a household dehumidifer constantly in the living area of their home. Mr. Cendella attempted to fix the concerns in the cellar himself by remediating the mold, installing new fiberglass insulation and a 6mil. vapor barrier, and a sump pump. They were still dealing with returning mold and water intrusion in their dugout crawl space. Mr. Cendella was in need of professional advice and called Tar Heel Basement Systems. System Design Specialist, Craig Sechrist, completed a full inspection of the dugout crawl space and provided Mr. Cendella with a permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installation crew was able to restore Mr. Cendella's crawl space by following the four steps to a healthy crawl space. First the crew had to fix the water intrusion problem by removing the old, useless sump pump and installing the SafeDri sump pump. Secondly, the crew isolated the house from the earth by laying down an antimicrobial liner called CrawlSeal. Thirdly, the crew sealed all crawl space vents and other outside air leaks. Lastly, the installation crew installed the Tar Heel dehumidifier to condition the crawl space air. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to eliminate Mr. Cendella's worry and leave his crawl space healthy, mold free and energy efficient!
Ennice, NC- Bowed Basement Wall Repair

The basement crack of this Ennice, North Carolina home grew larger over time, causing the wall to bow out. Noticing this was an alarming structural concern and no longer just a cosmetic crack, Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the wall. The Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System provided the wall with immediate stability and option to straighten the wall during dry periods. The homeowners now have peace of mind their basement wall is no longer failing.  

Exterior Foundation Cracks Sealed in Winston-Salem, NC
Marlene E. had noticed exterior stair-step cracks in her brick foundation. Additionally there were gaps around the window frame due to the back right corner of the home settling more than an inch. She was concerned that the problem was worsening and wanted to have it fixed as soon as possible. Tar Heel's systems design specialist Sam Agnew inspected the foundation issues and offered Marlene a solution for the repair. He recommended the installation of a push pier system to lift and stabilize the portion of the home that had settled. Foreman Josh Watson and his crew were able to install, lift and stabilize Marlene's foundation in just one day. With 4 push piers, the home was lifted to instantly seal the 1/2 inch crack in the brick wall and close the window gap. After the work was done, the property was cleaned up and restored to its original condition. Marlene E. was so pleased with Josh Watson and his crew. Due to her difficulty walking, Josh spent time taking pictures and videos to show to her inside the house while the work was taking place. She felt very involved, in control, and thankful for such a great crew.
Foundation Settling Threatened Winston-Salem Homeowner: Slab Piers Saves it!

Lisa D. became worried when she noticed signs that her foundation was settling. Worried about the long-term consequences of the structural issues, Lisa contacted Tar Heel Basement System after coming across an ad in her local newspaper.

Tar Heel sent foundation specialist William Blake to Lisa’s Winston-Salem home. After evaluating the outside of her home, William concluded that Lisa’s foundation had in fact fallen victim to foundation settlement. He explained that the installation of slab pier systems would effectively fix her settlement issues. Slab piers are long steel piers that are installed under the slabs that are settling. These piers are driven deep into the earth in soil that not only can support the homeowner’s home, but also lift the once-settled slabs back to their appropriate level.

Lisa agreed to William’s recommendations and had the slab pier system installed.  Primary foreman Josh Watson and his crew were called in to complete the installation process.  With the slab piers successfully installed, Lisa can now live peacefully knowing that the days of tripping hazards and not being able to properly close doors are over.

Greensboro, NC - Unhealthy Finished Basement Fixed

The finished basement in this older Greensboro, NC home smelled of unpleasant mold and wood rot. The basement had been finished with organic materials such as, wood paneling, wood trim and carpet. Over time moisture seeped through the walls and began deteriorating the finished basement.

The Finishing Team completely tore out all of the organic materials in the basement and installed inorganic wall panels, trim, flooring and a dehumidifier to keep moisture and mold out.

Helical Piers Restore Stability to a Settling Foundation in Lewisville, NC

Structural damage can be one of the scariest occurrences a homeowner may ever have to deal with.  With the uncertainty of how safe the structure is, precautions should be taken as soon as possible.  When Lewisville homeowner Tom W. found early signs of a settling foundation, he called Tar Heel Basement Systems after coming across their website and reading positive reviews from other North Carolina homeowners.

Structural repair specialist Kent Dunn was sent out to Tom’s Lewisville home to inspect the damage.  After surveying the outside perimeter of the home, Kent concluded that Tim’s home showed signs of foundation settling and that precautionary methods should be taken immediately to prevent further damage.  Kent recommended the installation of helical piers, which are steel piers that are installed into the settled foundation with the purpose of transferring the load of the structure from an unstable soil to a more durable and stable soil located deeper in the ground.  The piers ultimately giving more stability to the structure and eventually return it back to normal.

Kent Dunn called in primary foreman Josh Watson and his crew to complete the installation process.  With the helical piers installed, Tom’s house structural stability is no longer a concern of his.  The professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems aim to please and no job is too big or too small, so call today for a free estimate.

Hesitant Homeowner Finds Trusted Contractor to Fix Sagging Kernersville, NC Crawl Space
Jeffrey J. is a homeowner in the Kernersville, North Carolina area.  After another contractor did a poor job fixing his crawl space, Jeffrey was hesitant to call another waterproofing company.  Yet when he found possible structural issues with his crawl space, he knew he needed a professional’s help again.  Jeffrey went online to research companies when he stumbled upon Tar Heel Basement Systems who he decided to contact to schedule an estimate. Soon after, Tar Heel sent out structural repair specialist John Williams, who analyzed the crawl space.  Scott Ledford and his crew got to work right away, installing the products suggested by John.  The team installed the IntelliJack crawl space support system.  IntelliJack crawl space floor joist lifts are metal support beams that take the place of traditional wooden support beams. Unlike traditional wooden beams, IntelliJack posts are made from galvanized steel which prevents them from warping, shrinking, cracking or breaking, ensuring structural support for years and years!  A Tar Heel mini dehumidifer was also installed in the crawl space to eliminate moisture, humidity and mold. Two days later and Jeffrey’s crawl space was better than ever!  Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Jeffrey now has a contractor that he can trust to call if he encounters any problems in the future. But for now, Jeffrey is just enjoying his dry, healthy crawl space!
Kernersville, NC - Detached Garage Slab Raised
The finished detached garage was not only suffering from a sinking slab on the exterior but also the main floor system of the garage was sinking, total concrete replacement was not an option for the homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems raised the exterior and interior sinking slabs by injecting a high-density polyurethane called, PolyRenewal below the slab through penny-sized holes. The void under each slab was filled, allowing for the concrete to raise and stabilize. The homeowners were ecstatic PolyRenewal's quick cure time allowed them to use their garage in just 15 minutes!
Kernersville, NC - Failing Basement Sump Pump Replaced
The failing sump pump in this Kernersville, NC basement was no longer up to par. The open sump was allowing for water vapor to escape back into the basement air, while the pump itself could not keep up with the intruding water. Tar Heel Basement Systems gave the once wet basement an upgrade by installing the SafeDri triple sump pump and battery back-up. The airtight lid keeps water vapor out, while the pump will continue to work even during a power outage.
Kernersville, NC - Pool Deck Lift with PolyRenewal
The pool deck at this Kernersville, NC home was in need of help! The slab had settled throughout the entire perimeter of the pool area and was creating concerns for the homeowners. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed PolyRenewal foam underneath the slab to lift them back to the appropriate height, making all areas of the swimming pool deck level again.
Lewisville Lake Home has Crawlspace Sealed and Dehumidified
Currin's gorgeous home nestled on a small lake in Lewisville had been experiencing a good amount of humidity and leaking in the large crawlspace underneath the home. Its proximity to a body of water makes it an even more likely target for moisture infiltration. The homeowner called Tar Heel Basement systems for a solution and systems design specialist Garrett Atkinson had just the thing. A CrawlSeal encapsulation system was recommended, complete with Delta drainage matting, a Tar Heel dehumidifier, SafeDri sump pump and X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation. A new door was installed. 2,387 square feet of Delta drainage matting and 20 mil CrawlSeal liner was used to cover each and every inch of the crawlspace. The piers were also wrapped to ensure complete moisture control. The X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation covered the walls of the entire crawlspace, sealing up any vents that might let moist air in. With this thorough solution to a serious problem, Currin's home is now moisture free. The rest of the home will feel the difference with lower energy costs and a more comfortable environment. The already beautiful home is now much healthier and will stay that way for many years to come.
Lewisville, NC Homeowner No Longer Has to Worry About High Radon Levels

Radon caused over 21,000 lung cancer related deaths last year.  This is more than drunk driving and home fires combined.  With that said, radon is nothing to take lightly and should be dealt with immediately if high levels are found to be present.  When Lewisville homeowner Donna H. suspected her home of having elevated radon levels, she immediately contacted the specialists at Tar Heel Basement Systems after being referred to them by her realtor.

Donna was met by radon prevention specialist Scott Hopkins to evaluate her home.  After performing a radon test, Scott concluded that Donna’s home contained radon levels above the amount that’s deemed safe.  Scott recommended the installation of a radon fan, specifically the HP190 which is a top of the line radon fan, along with this PVC piping was recommended as well to direct the radon safely out of the home.

Radon is a highly radioactive substance found due to the natural decay of uranium in all of earth’s soil types.  Radon is found everywhere, but measures should be taken to keep radon levels low.  Donna H. found that her home had elevated levels of radon but thanks to the Scott and foreman Josh Watson and the crew from Tar Heel Basement Systems, her home has the precautions to keep her safe for years to come!

Lewisville, NC- Front Patio Raised with PolyRenewal
This beautiful Lewisville, NC home had a 10ft by 10ft. patio that had sloped and settled roughly (3) three inches in front of the entrance door creating a large concern for the homeowner's. The Poly Team was able to completely restore this homeowner's front patio area by injecting a light weight polyurethane foam under the slab called PolyRenewal. This homeowner is fanatic about how their slab looks like new thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Lewisville, NC- Leaning Carport Wall Stabilized

The exterior carport wall at this Lewisville, NC home had begun leaning out over time. The eight-foot wall was now becoming a safety hazard as the framing of the carport and foundation were being compromised.

Tar Heel Basement Systems installed (4) four Basement Wall Anchors to stabilize and over time straighten the leaning wall. Basement Wall Anchors stars were placed over the anchors to provide a more decorative appearance.

Muddy and Moldy Crawlspace Drained, Insulated and Sealed
This homeowner in Winston-Salem first called Tar Heel Basement Systems in 2011 for a basement waterproofing system and was so satisfied with the work that she called us back to work on her crawlspace. When Bobby Luttrell arrived to take a look, he found pooling water, high humidity, damaged plastic and insulation as well as mold growth. He recommended a complete sealing and insulating system with CrawlSeal vapor barrier and X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation. He also installed an EZ Flow drain system and a SafeDri Super Sump Pump to drain any infiltrating water out of the home. The homeowner was very pleased with the results and now knows that both her basement and crawlspace are moisture free and healthy.
Pfafftown, NC- Water Damaged Finished Basement Problems Solved
This finished basement in Pfafftown suffered from water intrusion stopping the family from enjoying their basement. The system designer that came out and recommended that we do a wall material to direct the water from the block walls down to our BasementGutter drainage system, then to the SafeDri triple sump pump where it will be pumped outside the discharge line in the yard. The homeowner's now can get back to spending time in their finished basement and know the water problems are permanently solved.
Push Piers Provide a Stable Home for Clemmons, NC Homeowners

Clemmons couple Ruth Anna and David A. planned on selling their home, but before they could do that, they had to make sure there were no problems that might deter potential buyers.  The couple did a self inspection where they noticed cracking in their foundation.  Knowing this could be a potential deal breaker for a buyer, the couple needed to find a contractor to fix the problem quick!  A close friend referred the couple to Tar Heel Basement Systems, who they decided to call that day!

That same week, the couple was met by foundation repair specialist William Blake at their Clemmons home.  After inspecting the foundation inside and out, William told the couple that their house had begun to settle. William recommended the installation of push piers.  Push piers are steel tubes that are attached to a steel bracket.  The bracket is connected to the house via the existing footing and the piers are then driven hydraulically into the ground.  Combining the structural weight and the contributory soil load, the piers are continuously driven until a suitable load bearing stratum is encountered.  Over time, the piers actually lift the house to its original position!

With the recommendation agreed upon, Kent called in primary foreman Orville Schoenfield to complete the foundation repair project.   Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Ruth Anne and David no longer have to worry about something keeping them from selling their house!

Radon Mitigation was a No-Brainer for this Winston Salem, NC Homeowner

Radon is no laughing matter, causing more than 21,000 lung cancer-related deaths a year, radon should never be overlooked.  When Greta F. found her home had elevated levels of radon, she knew she needed to call in an expert to lower the radon levels, or risk putting her life in jeopardy.  After being referred to Tar Heel Basement Systems, Greta gave them a call to come out to evaluate her home.

That same week, Greta was met by radon specialist Adam Hill who came to evaluate her radon levels.  After the evaluation, Adam recommended that the homeowner install a radon fan. Along with the combination of PVC and a PVC exhaust cap, these solutions would effectively and efficiently suck up the radon and exhaust it out of the home with no threat to her well being!

Adam Hill and his crew returned to install the radon prevention products.  After installation of the radon mitigation system, radon should no longer be a source of stress in Greta’s home.  With radon causing more deaths per year than drunk driving, radon mitigation should be a no-brainer. Call Tar Heel Basement Systems for your free estimate today!

Tar Heel Dehumidifier Takes Care of Mold Problem in Kernersville, NC Basement
To many homeowners, having mold in their crawl space is the least of their worries.  With bills, a family to care for, and other important issues to attend to, mold issues becomes less of a priority.  What most homeowners don’t realize is that long-term exposure to mold can have nasty effects on the body.  With fungal infections and mold induced hypersensitivity pneumonitis affecting homeowners, precautions should be taken. When homeowner Rhonda T. found herself having mold troubles, she decided to call the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems to come take a look at her home. Rhonda met with Roger Roten, a mold prevention specialist for Tar Heel at her Kernersville home.  Roger inspect the basement and found a plethora of mold living in her crawl space.  Roger recommended the Tar Heel dehumidification system.  The Tar Heel is a dehumidifier that can cover and protect as much as 2,500 square feet.  It also has a 109 pint per day capacity, built-in defrost system, adjustable dehumidistat, and direct drainage to floor drain, sump pump or BasementGutter. After a quick one-day installation process completed by Steven Lagray and his crew, Rhonda’s new dehumidification system is ready to combat and eliminate the mold in her crawl space.  Quality work is something that Tar Heel Basement Systems strives for, and no customer is overlooked.  If you find yourself having moisture or wet basement problems don’t hesitate to call Tar Heel for a free estimate and prompt service!
Settling Foundation Stabilized with Push Piers in Mount Airy, NC

Vertical cracks along the interior of the basement walls were an indication the soil below the home had settled in that area. The homeowners recently purchased the home and wanted to have their foundation stabilized from future settlement. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the settling foundation by hydraulically driving heavy-duty steel brackets into the depths of stable soil. The weight of the home was carefully transferred from failing soil into the Push Pier System providing immediate stabilization. The Mount Airy, NC homeowners have restored their home's property value by stabilizing their foundation.

Sinking Sidewalk Raised in Winston Salem, NC
Tar Heel Basement Systems restored the sinking sidewalk at this Winston Salem, NC home using PolyRenewal. Penny-sized holes were drilled every few feet along the sidewalk allowing for the light weight, high-density polyurethane foam to be injected beneath the slab. The failing soil was compressed allowing the void beneath the slab to be filled and raising the sinking slab two inches to the proper height. The Winston Salem homeowners now have a level and safe sidewalk for many years to come thanks to the power of PolyRenewal. Don't replace it, RAISE it!
IntelliJack Keeps Home Stable in Belews Creek, NC
Heino S. didn’t know what he should do next when the condition of his crawl space started to become unbearable.  He found water seeping in through the foundation, mold was growing and causing a musty smell, and the floor above the crawl space was bowing.  Heino happened to visit a local fall home show and noticed a company by the name of Tar Heel Basement Systems. He decided to contact them for a free estimate. Soon after, Tar Heel sent out crawl space repair specialist Kent Dunn to inspect the Belews Creek home.  After carefully surveying the crawl space, Kent discovered multiple problems that needed immediate attention.  Luckily for Heino, Kent knew exactly what to install, and with the help of primary foreman Scott Ledford and his crew it became a reality.  The crew began its installation with X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation.  This specialized insulation reflects heat but does not allow it to escape maximizing energy efficiency.  Along with this, IntelliJack crawl space support posts were installed to fix the bowing floors.  The IntelliJack system uses concrete reinforced steel rods to prevent any future bowing of the floors.  Because they are made of steel, unlike wooden support beams, IntelliJack posts do not rot, warp, crack or shrink.  Finally the jacks are adjustable, allowing the contractor to adjust to maximum bearing for ensured structural support.  Finally, a crawl space liner was installed on the floor to protect against water seepage. A couple weeks after the installation of these products, Tar Heel was called back to the residence to install a Tar Heel dehumidifier.  With the installation of all products complete, Heino can rest easy knowing that his crawl space is completely protected from foundation problems, mold, and water seepage all thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems!
CrawlDrain and SafeDri Combo Rescue Disastrous Clemmons, NC Crawl Space
A crawl space is typically an unfinished part of the house with very low ceilings and is a prime breeding ground for water and mold problems.  When Royce T. found herself having water, mold and moisture troubles in her crawl space, she knew she needed a solution and fast.  She called up a contractor, who referred her to Tar Heel Basement Systems.  She decided to contact them for more information. Tar Heel responded to Royce’s call and sent out crawl space repair specialist John Williams to evaluate the condition of her crawl space.  John recommended a handful of waterproofing and mold prevention products that would transform the crawl space from damp and musty to dry and healthy.  On the waterproofing side, John recommended the installation of a CrawlDrain drainage system, which is designed to work with a vapor barrier system.  It’s installed along the perimeter of a crawl space and catches incoming water while preventing dirt from clogging the system.  The SafeDri sump pump was installed to collect the water from the drainage system.  The SafeDri is just like its brother model, the SafeDri Super Sump Pump, except it has two distinct features that make it unique.  The SafeDri Sump Pump is made to accept the CrawlSeal crawl space vapor barrier for an ensured airtight seal.  The SafeDri Sump Pump is also made with a unique cover design, that when a plumbing leak is present, the water fills up an alarm pocket on the pump’s lid activating a SafeDri™ Battery Backup System that will notify you that there’s a problem.  Finally a Tar Heel dehumidifier was recommended to combat and eliminate present and future moisture issues in the crawl space. Although crawl spaces can be a pain, a clean and efficient one can benefit a home immensely, making it easy to get to plumbing and electrical, and creating more storage space.  Thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems, Royce’s crawl space is water free, mold free and moisture free!
Stabilized Basement Wall in Warrensville, NC

The basement wall of this Warrensville, NC home was beginning to lean in, creating vertical cracks along. The homeowners wanted to ensure their basement and foundation problem would not continue to get worse. Calling Tar Heel Basement Systems for help, System Design Specialist, Kent Dunn, was able to design a permanent solution for wall stabilization.  

The foundation team installed (2) two Basement Wall Anchors along the affected area around the staircase. The basement wall is now stabilized, allowing for wall straightening over time. 

Suburban Kernersville Home's Moldy Wood Replaced

Robert noticed a bit of sagging and bowing in his bouncy floor boards on the second story of his home on a hill. His grandchildren, full of energy, would run back and forth over that area and to keep them safe, he knew it was time to give Tar Heel Basement Systems a call. System design specialist Daniel Harrell knew this would be an easy fix with thorough wood replacement and extra reinforcement. 

Foreman Adam Blake and his crew arrived with new wood to replace the frail and water damaged joists and girders. Twenty pieces of 2x8x12 yellow pine were installed as sister joists to both replace and reinforce any existing support. Eleven pieces of 2x8x10 yellow pine served as replacement girders. Wood shoring and seal replacement was also performed to make sure the home's foundation was in tip-top shape.

Roger was at home during the entire project and was able to watch the crew at each turn. Completing the job in just a day, the homeowner was extremely happy with the work and the attention to detail. He knew that this project would keep his home and his family safe for years to come.

Tobaccoville, NC- Leaning Wall Stabilized Using Basement Wall Anchors

The exterior car port wall to this Tobaccoville, NC home was cracked and leaning, the main goal of the homeowners was preventing the wall and car port from collapsing. Tar Heel Basement Systems met the goal of the homeowners, stabilizing and straightening the wall by installing (5) five Basement Wall Anchors along the leaning wall. The homeowners now have a stabilized car port that is safe for the homeowners and their automobiles.

Tobaccoville, NC- Wet Basement Now Dry
After heavy precipitation, this Tobaccoville, NC basement would become drenched with water intrusion coming through the base of the cinder blocks walls. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the BasementGutter Drainage System to collect the intruding water and drain it into the SafeDri triple sump pump where the water is safely pumped out of the basement and away from the home. The homeowners decided to keep their basement dry at all times, even during power outages, so they had us install the SafeDri Battery Backup combined with a SafeDri triple sump pump.
Traditional Brick Home's Crawlspace Drained and Dried
Herbert's beautiful home right outside of Kernersville, North Carolina had a dirty secret underneath his floorboards. The homeowner contacted Tar Heel Basement Systems after seeing an ad in a direct mailer and inquired about installing a drain and sealing up his crawlspace. He had been experiencing high humidity and wanted to make sure his crawlspace would not eventually lead to damage to his home's infrastructure. Systems design specialist Roger Roten recommended a basic system to be installed in his crawlspace to make sure any infiltrating water would be drained out of the area and and moisture kept out of the atmosphere. A SmartDrain system was installed to carry any running water out of the area and 2300 square feet of CrawlSeal Light was laid down. Steven LaGray and his crew installed the entire system in just two days. The vapor barrier extended up on to the walls and around piers as well as covering all of the dirt floor. Strong tape and caulk is used to ensure a seamless fit. The crawlspace vents were also sealed up in order to complete the crawlspace system. Now, outdoor air and moisture from the soil cannot infiltrate the home making it healthier and safer for the home and family.
Trinity, NC - Floor Stabilized

Tar Heel Basement Systems stabilized the floor system in this historic Trinity, NC home by installing the IntelliJack System in the basement of the home. The galvanized steel beams were installed along both side of the failing pier to stabilize the floor above.

Triple The Crawl Space Protection in Winston Salem, NC
Avoiding the crawl space is anyway possible was typical for the Winston Salem, NC homeowners. Suddenly becoming aware of just how bad the space below their feet had gotten, they were worried. Falling insulation, water intrusion and moisture. Wanting to create a healthy space that would benefit the overall health of the home, Mr. Fleming called Tar Heel Basement Systems. Installing an interior piping system that would collect intruding water was the first step. The water is then channeled into the SafeDri triple sump pump where it is safely pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home. Lastly the team needed to ensure the home above would remain safe from ground water moisture and humidity. This was achieved by installing the 20mil Encapsulation System along the entire crawl space floor, walls and each pier. The homeowners no longer fear entering their crawl space and are happy to have a health home!
SafeDri Triple Sump Pump Provides Guaranteed Protection for Winston-Salem Basement
Winston-Salem homeowner Beverly S. found herself in a predicament when her basement starting to flood with water.  Beverly knew she had to react quickly! After noticing a commercial advertisement by Tar Heel Basement Systems on television, Beverly decided to call them up to come out and inspect her basement. Beverly was soon met by waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn, who provided recommendations on products that Beverly should consider to save her basement.  Kent recommended the installation of the patented SafeDri triple sump pump.  The SafeDri triple sump pump is just like its name suggests, with the addition of a second pump and a battery backup pump, the SafeDri triple is an ideal sump pump for maximum protection.  Kent also recommended installing the BasementGutter drainage system as well. With the repairs agreed upon, primary foreman Josh Watson and his crew were called in to install the products.  After a quick, one-day installation process, Beverly’s basement was ready for any rainstorm that hits it, thanks to the professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Walkertown, NC- Basement Crawl Space Combo Fixed

The basement and crawl space in this Walkertown, NC had been suffering from moisture problems for years. Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to correct both of the homeowner's problems without disruption of excavation to the yard. 

The homeowner is excited to have a drainage system and sump pump they can truly count on thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems! 


BasementGutter Drainage Systems Protects Lewisville, NC Basement from Future Flooding
After a torrential rainstorm flooded her basement, Lewisville homeowner Jan C. knew that something needed to be done to fix the flooding problem before the next storm.  After receiving a referral from a friend, Jan decided to contact Tar Heel Basement Systems to have her wet basement inspected. Tar Heel sent out waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn to evaluate Jan’s home.  After careful observation of all corners of her basement, Kent determined that the best course of action would be to install a BasementGutter drainage system along the perimeter of her basement.  In conjunction with this, a SafeDri super sump pump was also installed.  This would be essential for future waterproofing protection.  Kent Dunn called in primary foreman Orville Schoenfield and his crew to install the basement waterproofing products. After a quick one day installation process, Jan’s basement was ready to take on any future rainstorm.  When a leakage came a few months later, Tar Heel came out to the home immediately and solved the problem to make sure it never happened again!
Waterproofing Products Save Clemmons, NC Home
One day homeowner Armando C. in the Clemmons, NC area found that his basement was taking in water at a substantial rate.  With nowhere left to turn, Armando knew he needed to find a waterproofing company and fast!  He immediately began researching waterproofing companies and soon came across Tar Heel Basement Systems who he called that same day for a free estimate. Soon after, Tar Heel sent out waterproofing specialist Kent Dunn to meet Armando at his Clemmons home.  After careful evaluation of the basement, Kent knew exactly what to install.  Kent recommended the BasementGutter drainage system to be installed along the perimeter of the basement to catch the water coming in from the outside.  A SafeDri super sump pump would also be installed to drain water out of the home and keep the basement dry. Finally, an FreezeGuard and outlet were also installed to ensure safe drainage in even the coldest of winter months. With the recommendations in order, Kent called Orville Schoenfield and his crew to come in and install the waterproofing products.  Tar Heel Basement Systems is the type of company to give their customers only the best and because of that commitment, Armando’s basement is successfully waterproofed and will stay dry for years to come!
Winston Salem Basement Receives Full Perimeter BasementGutter Systems
The basement under this Winston Salem, NC home was entirely underground. Each of the walls showed signs of water intrusion during very heavy rains. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the full perimeter BasementGutter drainage system and (2) two SafeDri super sump pumps to manage the moisture intrusion and prevent any further damage to the basement through moisture.
Winston Salem, NC - Basement Stabilization and Waterproofing
Mrs. West's home that was built in the 1960's was showing signs of settlement and moisture in the unfinished basement. There were visible vertical, horizontal and stair-step cracks on 3 of 4 basement walls and seepage through the walls after heavy downpours. She wanted to take action and fix all of her concerns; she turned to Tar Heel Basement Systems for professional help. Mrs. West gave Tar Heel Basement Systems a call and an appointment was set for Danny Harrell to asses her basement's concerns. Danny relied on two installation crews to complete execute his design of stabilizing her basement walls while eliminating the basement moisture problem. The first crew began the stabilization process by installing 12 Carbon Fiber strips along two of the basement walls and 3 IntelliBraces™ along the bowing wall. The waterproofing crew began the installation of the BasementGutter drainage system along the entire perimeter of the basement and SafeDri triple sump pump system that will automatically pump water outside and water away from the home. Paneling system was then installed along all 4 basement walls, giving the basement a bright, white look. This Winston Salem, NC basement has now been transformed from scary to beautiful and Mrs. West now has a permanently dry basement with no structural concerns thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Concrete Patio Restored
This Winston Salem, NC homeowner had concerns with her back patio. A large crack that had caused one side to settle 1 (one) inch was causing a problem with keeping her patio furniture level. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems to correct her problem. The PolyRenewal Team was able to stop the settlement and lift the slab to its original position. This Triad homeowner is very happy with her results area thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Concrete Slab Driveway Settlement

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to transform this Winston Salem, NC homeowner’s sunken slab back to its original height. The slab driveway had sunk (3) three inches in front of the garage area. The Poly Team was able to inject polyurethane waterproof foam underneath the slab allowing it to rise slowly to its original position. This homeowner is excited their driveway has been restored with no disruption to the property!

Winston Salem, NC - Crawl Space Sealed with CrawlSeal
The damp, dirt floor crawl space at this Winston Salem, NC residence was transformed into a dry and conditioned area below the living area of the home. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System to create a healthy home from the ground up.
Winston Salem, NC - Nasty Crawl Space Made Healthy and Clean
Tar Heel Basement Systems transformed this nasty crawl space storage area into a bright and healthy conditioned area. The crew installed the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System along the crawlspace floor, walls and piers to ensure the home above was completely separated from the exposed earth. The Aprilaire self-draining dehumidifier was installed to keep humidity levels low and prevent active mold growth.
Winston Salem, NC - Slab Porch Lift
This Winston Salem, NC homeowner had a slab front porch that had settled more than an inch and a half, creating a major safety hazard. They called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a solution. The Tar Heel Poly Team injected PolyRenewal under the slab to lift and restore the slab to its original level. Now, this Western Triad homeowner can now enjoy relaxing, long sits on their front porch, thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC - Wall Supported by IntelliBraces™

This Winston Salem, NC homeowner was experiencing a bowing wall. Fiber strips had already been installed by another company but were failing due to the amount of pressure the intruding water was putting on the wall.

The Tar Heel Foundation Trew was able to stabilize the bowing wall by installing (12) twelve patented IntelliBraces™. The heavy duty IntelliBraces™ are zinc coated and will not corrode over the coming years. This homeowner is ecstatic to have a stabalized wall thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems.

Winston Salem, NC - Water Logged Crawl Space Turned Into Dry Environment
The thin 6mil vapor barrier could not prevent water intruding throughout the crawl space after heavy rains. After several attempts of pumping out the water themselves, the homeowners called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a professional solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the interior perimeter drainage system called, CrawlDrain and SafeDri sump pump to keep water out of the crawl space and away from the home. The thin 6mil vapor barrier was replaced with the 20mil CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, completely separating the home from the earth below. The crawl space is now clean and dry!
Winston Salem, NC Crawl Space Waterproofing
Helen M. of Winston Salem, NC was having water intrusion, exposed soil and efflorescence in her walk-in crawl space. She called Tar Heel Basement Systems for a professional, permanent solution. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed Ez-Flo drainage pipe around the perimeter of the crawl space, allowing the water to drain to the SafeDri sump pump that was also installed. The installation crew then installed the CrawlSeal 20 mil. liner throughout the crawl space floor, walls and piers to create an air tight seal. The last step was sealing the crawl space vents to prevent outside air from entering the crawl space. Helen M. is very excited about the work that was performed at her home and how healthy her crawl space has become thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!
Winston Salem, NC- Basement Now Dry and Bright
Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the patented BasementGutter System along the entire basement perimeter to manage the water intrusion problem they were having. Once the BasementGutter collects the intruding water, the Safe triple sump pump, removes the water from the basement and safely away from the home. The block walls were covered using Panels, giving a fresh look to the basement without harboring mold growth in the future. This Winston Salem, NC home has a permanently dry basement.
Winston Salem, NC- Crawl Space Becomes Energy Saving
The Winston Salem, NC homeowners were experiencing cold floors during the winter months and increasing energy bills. After living in the home for more than two decades, they decided to make an investment that would pay for itself by saving on their energy bills during all seasons. Tar Heel Basement Systems installed the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System with X-Grade Crawl Space Insulation throughout the entire crawl space, eliminating ground and outside moisture while reflecting heat back into the crawl space.  By also installing the self-draining Aprilaire dehumidifier the homeowners will never have to worry about mold growth or musty smells.
Winston Salem, NC- Foundation Stabilized Using Push Piers

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to stabilize this Winston Salem, NC home that was suffering from foundation settlement due to poorly compacted fill soil. Over time the soil has become loose allowing for the home to settle in some areas. Large cracks around the exterior of the basement doors and windows were visible from the settlement.

The Push Pier System, installed along the exterior of the home provided immediately stabilization for the home. The foundation team was able to transfer the weight of the home onto the Push Piers after the system reached stable soil levels.

XP151 Radon Mitigation System Saves Belews Creek Homeowner From Harmful Radon

Radon is an extremely dangerous gas and exposure over a period of time can actually cause lung cancer.  With that said, testing your home for radon is the only way to make sure that you and your family are safe.  When Belews Creek homeowner Janette M. found out that her friend recently had her home tested, she decided to do the same.  The friend referred Janette to Tar Heel Basement Systems who she called that same day.

Radon prevention specialist William Blake was sent out to meet Janette at her Belews Creek home.  After administering a radon test, William noticed that Janette’s radon levels were above average. William recommended the installation of an XP151 radon fan in her basement.  The XP151 is a specialized fan made specially for radon, this fan along with the attachment of a PVC pipe would suck up the radon seeping into the home through the foundation base and would send it up through the PVC pipe and discharge it safely out of the home!

Thanks to Orville Schoenfield and his crew and the radon mitigation installed, Janette’s home is now safe from radon, but more importantly Janette is safe from the long term effects of radon!

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